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9 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India (2021)

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If you are in search of the best front load washing machine in India in 2021, then this article is for you.

Front load Washing machines are one of the most important appliances in a household. They help make your clothes clean with ease and make them germ-free every single day. These devices have found a lot of appeal as a result of their characteristic advantages. Although initially, they may seem expensive, they save considerable money over the long ter. However, choosing the best front load washing machines for your home can be challenging if you are not experienced in the field.

A good washing machine should be easy to use, durable, energy-efficient, and attractive. That's why most homeowners do extensive research before buying a machine.

We have a Washing Machine buying guide written below the products list if you want to know more about washing machine.

We are here to help you make an informed purchase. This blog is a collection of reviews on some of the best front loading washing machines in the market.

List of the Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

1. LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - FHT1265ZNL

best front loading washing machines in india

You can never go wrong with an LG front loading washing machine model, and the 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine by LG is the perfect choice if you want to get your hands on one. It is capable of cleaning 6.5 kg of clothes in a single wash cycle and has a plethora of features that make it one of the most advanced washing machines on the market today. Let us now dive into the most salient features of this amazing washer

  • Capacity: 6.5kg which is ideal for small Indian family
  • 5-star energy ratings
  • 1200 rpm spin speed helps in quicker drying
  • 14 Wash Programs is fiercely plenty
  • Two-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor

The washing machine comes with LG’s robust 6 Motion Control technology, which allows it to utilize all of your wash programs and to offer you a truly outstanding washing experience. This technology facilitates the movement of the drum inside the washer in various directions while offering you the best wash results.

The LG Thinq NFC helps you connect your mobile devices to the washing machine using NFC(Near Field Communication) technology, making it possible to remotely turn on the machine and download customized wash cycle from a smartphone or tablet. The feature is accessible via LG SmartThinQ app, and lets you control this washing machine using your device's built-in NFC.

With the steam wash function of LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine function, steam is produced and it disinfects the laundry by removing mould and bacteria during washing.

Compared to conventional washing machines, the steam wash mode cleans your clothes more effectively. High-temperature steam is directly injected into the drum where the dirty laundry is washed so that detergent gets dissolved thoroughly.

The high temperature steam removes mites, pet & pollen allergen which causes various allergies in the skin. It also disinfects the laundry by removing mould and bacteria during washing. In addition, this function of LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine ensures gentle care for your delicate clothes as steam does not harm fabric materials.

Unlike other wash machines, the LG washing machine's touch panel is waterproof so that you are free from worry when your hands get soaked and you want to press a button.


  • The powerful motor produces an efficient cleaning.
  • Great color and great design
  • Huge capacity adds to its merits
  • Water consumption is considerably less
  • It dries super-fast


  • A longer drain hose and water inlet hose would have been nice
  • It's power cable is short

2. IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - Diva Aqua SX

image of IFB 6kg front loading washing machine

IFB washing machines are known for their quality and durability. They have a huge reputation among the users. The benefit of IFB machines is that they are energy efficient. They consume less electricity and save the user a lot of energy costs, apart from the fact that they are environment-friendly. 

  • 6 Kg capacity is suitable for bachelors and couples
  • 800 rpm spin speed
  • It has 4 years warranty on the product and motor both
  • 15 Wash Program
  •  Consistent wash with Automatic Balance system. 

The 6kg capacity can be used for families of 4 or less. You can fit in your cleaning and daily laundry work without any problem. If you are staying alone, you can do a full wash with just a single load.

There are several different features in IFB's Senorita model, including the 3D Wash System. The system is based on a dynamic water system which allows the washer to wash more thoroughly. 

The Aqua Energie is an advanced feature of IFB washing machine removes the calcium and lime deposits that build up in water, thereby enhancing the cleaning power of detergents. It is a patented technology that uses built in aqua filter.

The Aqua filter acts as a hard water treatment and transforms bicarbonates in hard water in minute crystals. These very small crystals are easily removed because of their very small size. Thus, this will limit the risk that scale will accumulate on critical machine parts and clog them. 

The result is soft water that enables detergents to work better. The water becomes softer, allowing detergent powders to dissolve quickly and completely, thereby resulting in a cleaner wash.

The presence of the Laundry add function is one of the excellent features of IFB washing machines. This feature lets you pause the cycle during the wash cycle to add laundry that you forgot earlier to the wash load. This option is pretty handy especially if there are children in the house who constantly dirty their clothing or you may be forgetful at times.

The IFB washing machines offer the highest level of voltage protection (voltage monitoring), thus preventing any damage to electrical components due to voltage fluctuations.

The Ball Valve technology of IFB washing machines helps users to save water and detergent. The patented cutting-edge technology enables the detergent to remain in while It lets the water out.

If you do not have time at your disposal, you can reduce the wash time by using the Expresswash feature. It quickly and efficiently takes care of your lightly soiled garments without worrying about being late.

The inbuilt heater in the front load washing machine warms water according to the setting and the type of wash one wants to do. It's important to note that Quick wash does not heat the water


  • Child Lock Feature makes it tamper-proof
  • A range of washing programs
  • With Diva Aqua SX feature, the toughest stains can be removed quickly.
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations
  • Anti Allergen System keeps you fresh and healthy by removing allergens.


  • The quality of their after-sales service can be a hassle at times.

3. Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - WW80J4243MW/TL

Innovations in technology, seamless design, and functionality are what we are all about.  A perfect example of this is the front-loading Samsung washing machine.  This front loading machine with features like digital inverter technology, Ecobubble, Quick Wash that brings new meaning to washing clothes and for this reason, it has been an ideal choice and at the same time a highly efficient solution for Homemakers in India. 

  • The capacity of 8kg to cater of all family size in India
  • The faster spin speed of 1200 rpm help in faster drying
  • Offers 3 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor
  • Samsung Smart check app automatically diagnosis problems and gives a solution in realtime
  • Eco Bubble technology serves in eliminating various types of stains

Samsung washing machine uses digital inverter technology. It is an energy-efficient technology that tends to power the washing machine in a more efficient and effective way. The strong magnets used in the technology reduce the noise and vibration of the product. 

The control panel of this washing machine has a large LED display screen with an elegant user interface that makes it easy to use.

The quick wash is one of the amazing features offered by Samsung Washing Machine is ideal for people who have to leave home in a hurry. It perfectly cleans lightly soiled clothes in a short period of time. It saves energy and water, while at the same time operates silently.

Ceramic heaters used in the washing machine are less prone to rust and corrosion than induction heaters. Hence, a ceramic heater reduces maintenance costs and protects against hard water scaling.

In every washing cycle, the Diamond drum's diamond-shaped ridge curls offer a subtle but effective wash, preventing dirty fabrics from being tangled between the curls.

The 15 minute quick wash process is a terrific feature of this Samsung washing machine. In short, it can finish a full load of laundry in just 15 minutes.


  • Wash programs provide better water efficiency
  • It has a child lock function
  • Hot Water Wash is a great additional features to have
  • Effective washing with no detergent residue
  • Samsung's customer service is top-notch


  • Power consumption is a bit high
  • Cotton cycle takes about 3 hours.

4. Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine -WW65R20GLSW/TL

A few years ago, if you asked any homemaker what the best front load washing machine was, you would have gotten a variety of answers. Samsung has changed that, as it has become one of top-selling front load washing machine brands in India. The company has a number of models to choose from such as model is the Samsung 6.5kg 5 star front loading washing machine(WW65R20GLSW/TL) which offers numerous features that will definitely give you immense facilities.

  • It has a capacity of 6.5kg suitable for small family of 4 members
  • Because of the machine's 5-star BEE rating, it offers less energy consumption
  • Offers warranty of 3 years on product, 10 years on motor to the buyers
  • 1000 rpm spin speed
  • Hexa storm pulsator provides effective wash and better cleaning efficiency

The strong magnet-controlled digital inverter technology uses the lowest levels of power while producing the least amount of noise and vibration – thus making them more efficient for washing and spinning.

The Samsung washer 6 kg is very energy efficient, so your electricity bills will not go up too much because this model is energy efficient. It's 5 star BEE rating proves its efficiency as well.

A powerful Hygiene Steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of the wash by applying a burst of steam to dirt and stains. The Hygiene Steam cycle also softens laundry at low temperatures while reducing drying time.

The steam is generated from below the drum during the final rinse and stays on for approximately 6 minutes. The laundry is left in a moist condition, allowing the bacteria and unwanted allergens effectively removed and preventing unpleasant odors from forming.

This Samsung washing machine has an effective child lock which is one of the notable features to have. It helps you to lock the buttons so that your little ones don't accidentally press them and cause a flood.

Delicate clothes such as wool and soft fabric clothes tend to be harmed by normal machine wash cycles, as the machine spins extremely fast and water gets sprayed in every direction. Delicate Wash Mode in Samsung Front loading Washing machine is an ultra cool mode that gently washes clothes without causing as much damage as the regular wash.


  • Excellent wash quality
  • Saves electricity
  • Operates silently with very little noise and vibration
  • Using the Delay End feature, you can prolong any wash cycle by as long as 24 hours.


  • A bit on the bulkier side
  • Drain and water inlet hose are a bit on the short size

5. IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The IFB 8 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine is a top-drawer home appliance that will help you enjoy a fuss-free life. With its 8 Kg capacity, you can wash clothes for the entire family in just one wash. And with its 14 wash programs, you can wash each garment the way it needs to be washed, be it delicate, normal, or heavy-duty.

  • This 8kg Capacity washing machine is ideal for small and medium families
  • Ball valve technology prevents wastage of detergents
  • Foam Control System controls excess foam formation
  • Stainless steel tub with Tub clean feature
  • IFB is equipped with voltage protection for power fluctuations.
  • 4 years warranty on both product and motor

This washing machine comes with a spin speed of 1200 rpm this helps faster the drying time by giving greater centrifugal force. With great centrifugal force, the wet clothes will get dry within half an hour and then they can be put into the cupboard to be used for next time.

In 4D Wash technology, jets of water are sprayed multiple directions by the drum’s nozzles, in order to quickly rinse clothes and remove detergent. Meanwhile, O2 bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric to get rid of unpleasant odors. Therefore, this technology helps remove even the tough stains from clothes.

In India, you will encounter hard water in every other location. Hard water leaves a layer of white scale on your faucet or your bottles. Hard water will not produce great results with detergents, so your IFB washer will not perform well. In this case, IFB's Aqua energies works well with hard water because it softens it, giving the perfect wash every time.

The Crescent Moon Drum is one advanced features to have in the washing machine. This shape is designed to protect your laundry from rubbing against the walls of the drum. Thus, your clothes are protected from being damaged during the wash cycle.

With IFB, It is now possible for you to pre-select wash settings for daily loads. Then, you may use the Repeat Wash feature to use the same settings, wash after wash.

I particularly like the big white LED touch panel, which is very useful in controlling programs and settings with its bright white LED displays.

This fully automatic IFB washing machine has a child lock feature to prevent kids from playing with the controls and damaging the appliance, or themselves.


  • Inbuilt Aqua filter Softens hard water automatically
  • Wash quality is quite decent
  • Express Wash offers quickest washing
  • Ball valve technology saves detergent
  • The Time Delay option lets you delay the start of the wash cycle between 30 minutes to 24 hours which is a great option to have


  • I wish the notification was louder.

6. LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - FHM1208ZDL

LG has been a leader in home appliances for years, and its 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - FHM1208ZDL continues that tradition with an impressive series of noteworthy features. The five-star rating will help you conserve energy, and a range of settings (including a child lock) make it more convenient to use. The only negative is the price, but if you want the best, you have to pay for it.

  • It has a capacity of 8Kg which is ideal for medium Indian families
  • LG offers a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor
  • 10 wash programs for various occasions
  • Smart Diagnosis feature using LG's SmartThinQ app
  • Inverter technology minimizes power usage.

For better cleaning and drying it has 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

With a smart feature like the automatic restart, it can resumes the wash cycle from where you left it before the power cut. This feature is especially useful if you live in an area that often has power outages.

 With the built-in heater in the washing machine, you will be able to heat water up to 60°C to remove any sort of stain from your laundry.

The machine has a sophisticated direct inverter motor, which means that the product spins at a breakneck speed of 1200 rpm, guaranteeing your clothes are dry more promptly after the wash.

The waterproof touch panel prevents short circuits on the control panel. It is also scratch resistant and prevents dust from depositing to make sure the LED display lights shine crisply and clearly.


  • 5 star energy ratings means its energy efficient
  • The Baby care wash program removes enzymes and bacteria
  • Child Lock feature protects it from naughty toddlers
  • Control panel is waterproof
  • Inbuilt heater provides warm water wash


  • No clothes can be added in between wash cycle.

7. Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine - WAJ2846SIN

Bosch washing machines are made in Germany and are being sold all over the world through authorized dealers. It has been in the market for around 63 years now and has come a long way…from being telephone systems and electric bells manufacturer, today it is also involved with home appliances. Bosch washing machines are Energy Star qualified which makes it highly efficient and cost-effective for you, the consumer.

  • Washing Capacity of 8kg
  • It can work on normal water pressure
  • Effective Wash program for delicate fabrics
  • 15 wash programs for all situations
  • Anti Bacteria EcoSilence Drive feature
  • Variodrum for better washing quality

The anti-tangle program is very important because in daily life, you have different types of clothes such as silk, woolen, denim, etc, and these clothes are very difficult to be washed with normal washing machine mode.   The clothes get tangled with one another which increases problems while washing and becomes difficult to wash away the tangles. With the anti-tangle program, we can minimize the tangle in our clothes by 50% which gives us more damage-free clothes.

We know the importance of water in the world and we all hate to wastewater some way or the other..Keeping that issue in mind Bosch has developed a feature we call Activewater plus. This technology uses sensors that can sense the load we put in your washer plus the fabric type we want to wash then adjusts the water level accordingly. Isn't it a great feature to have? Certainly, it is.

Another interesting feature is a special type of quick-washing feature provided by Bosch Washing machines and it's the Quick 15/30-Minute feature, which means you can wash your clothes in a shorter period of time. The handy feature can be a lifesaver when you are late for work or a meeting and you want your washing to complete fast.

If we talk about the ecosilence drive motor, In conventional motors, to create a magnetic field, an armature brushes against a carbon brush, which triggers friction. Friction is the primary reason of noise, energy loss, and wear and tear inside the motor. The new ecosilence drive motor from Bosch changed all this. Now the carbon brush is gone and the armature is equipped with magnets which rotate it instead of friction, so the problem is gone. It saves a lot of energy, runs quitely, and can last much longer

The ecosilence drive is complemented handsomely by Anti-vibration design. The Bosch has made the side panels with the unique Antivibration design thus it reduces the overall vibration of the washer.

When you are engaged in some other task and so busy that you are unaware of the wash cycle running in your washing machine, this feature can save you. With the Time delay feature, you can define the amount of time you want to delay the end of any wash cycle for up to 24 hours.


  • The powerful motor produces an efficient cleaning.
  • Great color and great design
  • Huge capacity adds to its merits
  • Water consumption is considerably less
  • It dries super-fast


  • A longer drain hose and water inlet hose would have been nice
  • It's power cable is short

8. Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine with In - built Heater - WAJ2416SIN

Bosch has always been known to make quality washing machines, and the 7 kg Bosch 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic washing machine is no exception. This washing machine has a wide range of useful features that make it easy to use and provide an excellent washing experience. 

  • Capacity of 7kg
  • 5-star BEE ratings
  • Antivibration Design reduces vibration by 20%
  • 15 different types of Washing Programs for all types of fabrics.
  • Child Lock safety

Washing your clothes is often the cause of a lot of anxiety because of the delicate fabrics or the fear of not getting a thorough wash no matter how heavily soiled the clothes may be. 

With the new VarioDrum, you don't need to worry about it anymore because the wave droplet drum surface and smooth beveled edges prevent your clothes from getting snagged. By using a steep side along with the paddle, VarioDrum provides strong scrubbing to break down bulky stains.

Energy and time are precious commodities in this day and age. With the VarioPerfect feature of Bosch washer, you can save both – a lot. The feature requires just one push of a button to cut down washing time by 65% or cut electricity consumption by 20%.while still maintaining good cleaning performance – all at the touch of a button.

EcoPerfect allows you to save up to 50% of energy while you wash, simply by switching to this feature.

If you are a person who always has a need to be in a hurry, Bosch created this feature, SpeedPerfect that allows you to wash your clothes up to 65% more quickly than traditional washing machines without giving up its washing quality. A quick washing of this kind is only possible thanks to the SpeedPerfect option provided by Bosch.

The next feature is a gem and you all must agree with it. It's the Reload function feature. With the help of Reload function, you can add or remove laundry while the wash cycle is going on.

The Anti Bacteria is a special feature that provides the Bosch front loader the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and other disease-causing microbes in the laundry. It does this by washing at 60 degrees celsius, which kills the microbes instantly.

If you are a family of 5 to 6 members then you can pick this 7kg Bosch fully automatic washing machine because it's ideal for small to medium Indian families. The 1400 rpm spin speed is excellent for the simple reason that it will make the drying process a lot fast.


  • The powerful motor produces an efficient cleaning.
  • Great color and great design
  • Huge capacity adds to its merits
  • Water consumption is considerably less
  • It dries super-fast


  • A longer drain hose and water inlet hose would have been nice
  • It's power cable is short

9. Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer Dryer - WWD80S

Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer Dryer - WWD80S is the latest star from the house of Voltas. This washing machine is a combination of both power and performance. Let's check out what features Voltas has to offer here.

  • Capacity : 8kg
  • It has 15 washing programs to cover all types of fabrics and conditions
  • Voltas provides 2 years of warranty on both the washing machine and motor inside it
  • Pro smart inverter motor gives an efficient cleaning with less electricity consumption
  • Silent Tech provides a silent washing cycle

Despite being recognized as an expert in home appliances, Voltas is lesser-known in the washing machine industry. In light of that, we have included Voltas Beko 8Kg washer in our list because our research has shown it is one of the best front-loading washers in India. We'll go through the exciting features of this machine one by one so that you get a clear picture.

With the help of the Voltas Smart Motor inside the heart of Voltas Beko. The machine offers efficient washing performance, improved longevity of the machine. Furthermore, The Smart Motor operates very silently due to its low mechanical friction.

If you are a busy man, who likes to complete every task really fast, then this Fast Plus feature may satisfy you. The Fast Plus program can wash the same load 55% faster than conventional washing machines. That doesn't mean that washing quality will be compromised. You will get the same effective cleaning as any normal washing.

The featured Gentle Wave drum has specially designed shaped contours and three paddles that help to generate powerful waves and the paddle helps to rotate the laundry efficiently thus help to remove the most stubborn stains possible. 

People who love to complete chores fast will love this feature. The Fast plus functionality and the additional Super Wash capability allow for the accelerated completion of laundry programs by up to 55% when compared to conventional ones.

Want to clean and then dry your favorite shirt and pair of jeans in just 1 hour? The Wash and Wear program of the Voltas Veko washing machine can help you do that. it's got a 'wash and wear' program that makes it really easy to clean and dry up to 1kg of clothing in one go. After the washer has completed washing and drying the clothes, you'll have your fresh pair of clothes ready to wear in just an hour.


  • The powerful motor produces an efficient cleaning.
  • Great color and great design
  • Huge capacity adds to its merits
  • Water consumption is considerably less
  • It dries super-fast


  • A longer drain hose and water inlet hose would have been nice
  • It's power cable is short

Buying Guide - Best front loading washing machine in India

Internationally, people usually buy front-load washers due to the fact that these machines tend to be more high-end. Besides being used at home, front load washers are also used in commercial and industrial settings as well.

In India, Mostly semi-automatic washing machines were used in those days, don't get me wrong because people still use them it but if you are like me then you will prefer a fully automatic top load washing machine or a more advanced front load washing machine.

In recent years, however, the tides have been turning swiftly, and front-loading washing machines are on the rise in India. Seeing the growth in demand, manufacturers like Bosch, LG, Samsung, and IFB are bringing better quality and more efficient front loaders into the Indian market.

We talked before about how a front load washing machine is a more convenient and more energy efficient machine than a top loader, but there are some things to make sure of while buying one. The machine has to be of good quality and should be easy to clean. It should be easily available in the market and its warranty should be good. Also, the noise the machine makes should not be too loud. While buying a front load washing machine, one should also take care of these factors.

Additionally, the following are key aspects to consider when making a decision to buy the product or leave it.

Things to consider before buying a front load washing machine

A front load washing machine is a convenient and hard-working machine, but there are some things to make sure while buying one. The machine has to be of good quality and should be easy to clean. It should be easily available in the market and its warranty should be good. Also, the noise the machine makes should not be too loud. While buying a front load washing machine, one should also take care of these factors.


If you have a large family, then you will need to look for a machine that can handle a large amount of clothes at a time. The capacity of the machine is measured in kilograms. So, while buying on it is important to check the capacity of the machine and decide accordingly.

Here is our tips while choosing the perfect capacity

  • If you are a bachelor or there is only one or two people to wash, go for a washer of 6 kg to 6.5 kg capacity.
  • When buying a washing machine for a smaller family of 3 to 5 members, consider buying one with a capacity of 6kg to 8kg.
  • Families larger than 5 members need a washer with a capacity no less than 8 kg.

Brand Preference

Before buying a front load washing machine, be sure to check its brand. It should be purchased from a reputable company, which manufactures good quality machines. Apart from 4 to 5 brands you will not find any more recognized brands in India. Those popular brands are LG, Bosch, Samsung, IFB, Voltas.

Wash Settings

The front-load washing machine has different programs like normal, heavy, delicate, quick and so on. It also has an option to choose the degree of hotness from warm to hot, very hot and steam wash. All these options are used based on the fabric of the clothes. While buying a machine, make sure that all these options are present in it.

Spin Settings

 The washing machine has different spin speed settings like fast speed with high spin , medium speed with medium spin and slow speed with slow spin . Fast spin speed is used for a small amount of clothes. On the other hand, slow spin speed is used for a large amount of clothes.

The spin speed of the washer enables it to remove water from wet clothes to dry it up faster. Depending on the materials of your clothes, you will need a different spin speed setting.

Drum Material

Wondering what drum material to choose when buying a front load washer? Well, Front loading washing machines come in two drum materials: plastic and stainless steel. Plastic drum washers are the cheapest to buy but they are also the cheapest in terms of quality. Stainless steel drum machines cost more to purchase, but they will look better in any room.

The drum material should be robust and not prone to corrosion because robust drum material makes long lasting washing tub. If possible, do not buy a machine that has plastic drums. Make sure that it has stainless steel drums. 

However, there are a lot of brands that have devised different kinds of high-efficiency drums like Samsung Diamond drum and Bosch VarioDrum that claim to be more effective than others.

Quick Wash Feature

The quick wash feature allows you to wash your clothes in minutes if your hands are full with something else and you cannot give too much time to washing your clothes. It is good to have this feature in your front load washing machine.

Further, Samsung has a 15-minute quick wash that will be ready in 15 minutes, followed by a 30- to 40-minute drying time. Bosch has a similar kind of quick wash option called Quick 15/30 Minutes which speeds up the washing process drastically

Voltas' Wash and Wear program delivers ready-to-wear clothes in 1 hour.

Inbuilt Heater

A washer’s built-in heater is responsible for warming the water before it enters the drum. It adjusts the water temperature according to settings. Hot water not only cleans clothes better but also helps prevent the formation of mineral deposits and detergent stains inside the drum.

A point you must note that Most Front loading washing machines come with a built-in heater. These are used in the temperature control feature of a washing machine.

Auto Restart

A power cut during a wash cycle can be annoying because it will stop the washing cycle entirely, and once the power returns, you may have to start from scratch.

The Auto Restart can be one user-friendly features to have since it keeps the last settings of the last wash cycle when power is lost and resumes the wash cycle from there. This is a really handy feature in my opinion.

Noise and Vibration free

This is an important feature to look for while buying a front load washing machine. The machine should be noise-free and should not vibrate while in operation. This ensures that it does not produce harmful vibrations which are bad for health and also helps keep the door closed tightly without any disturbance in clothes because of vibrations.

Smart Connectivity

If your front load washing machine has smart connectivity feature, then you can connect with it via your smartphone or tablet and control its settings through their official app. You can set up a schedule for washing, choose what kind of load to wash, check the status of the wash, and even cancel a running machine. 

You can use self-diagnosis to locate a wide range of errors by pressing the button, saving you the time to call up customer care.

Child Lock Feature

Child Lock is one of the main safety features found in front load washing machines. When you have playful small kids or toddlers at your home who put their hands and legs around or into things, especially when they see any button, then it is best to go with a washer that has a child lock feature.

Hard water wash:

Getting your clothes clean while washed in hard water may be problematic since detergent needs to dissolve in hard water.

A machine should also be able to remove hard water from clothes. A note to mention here is that most Front loading washing machines utilize technology to address hard water issues. For example, IFB machines use a unique feature known as Aqua Energie that turns hard water into soft water by converting the bicarbonates in the water into smaller crystals.

Energy efficiency:

An efficient front load washing machine should use less water and electricity than a top load washing machine for the same level of cleanliness.

In our list we have tried to include most of the front loading washing machines that have at least a five star energy rating, which means they are highly energy efficient washing machines.


We can say motor as the heart of a washing machine whcih is why It is important to check the motor before buying a washing machine. A good front load washing machine should have a strong and durable motor that will last for several years without giving any problems. However, motors may also get damaged due to frequent power fluctuations, and hence, it is essential to buy one with a long-lasting warranty.

Also, the noise coming from the motor of the washing machine should be less while working.

The fact is that most front load washing machines nowadays are powered by the high-efficiency direct drive motor. These motors do not have any moving parts inside such as belts and pulleys, making it one of the most energy-efficient motors, plus they consume less electricity.


Our budgets are also a major consideration when purchasing a new front load washing machine. Machines differ in price depending on their capacities and the benefits they offer to the operator.

In India, the brand has long been known for its excellent quality washing machines at reasonable prices.

Based on our research, the cost ranges from INR 20k to INR 38k. If the washer is between 6kg to 7kg, the price should not exceed 20k to 25k, and if the washer is above 8kg, the ideal price should not exceed 30k to 38k.


Warranty is an important factor to consider when you choose a washing machine. Product durability and motor longevity will determine how long the manufacturer will back the product. Check only the brands that offer more than two years of warranty. One thing to note is that most manufacturers offer 2 years’ warranty on products and a 10 years’ warranty on motors.

Advantages of Front load washing machine

  • Front loading washing machine has a lot of advantages to offer such as it consumes less water, they look very aesthetic, use less detergent, they have vibration control feature, they offer better spin speed and you can wash bulky items because of the larger capacity.
  • The front loading washing machine has been here for a long time now, what is also known as horizontal axis washing machines. The one great advantage with this type of washer is that it takes less water and electricity to operate compared to top loading machines.
  • The user will be safe from any injury since there are no agitators in the machine as well as from any other mechanical breakdowns in the unit. The unit is also low in noise so it is less intrusive.
  • When one buys a washing machine, the number of years that it will serve are in mind. As far as this type of washer is concerned, it outranks the top loading washers because it can be used for five to six years longer than a top loading washer can.
  • These washing machines have larger capacities for bulky items which top loaders do not have. This makes washing a whole bedspread or comforter feasible. It is also easier to wash bulky items like blankets because of the larger drum size.
  • We also like it because it has a low noise level during its operation and also uses less water and detergent for its washing action, which makes it environment-friendly. 
  • They feature glass doors and chrome accents, so they look swanky.
  • In terms of powerful performance and care for fabrics, it is apparent that these machines are excellent.
  • They feature the latest and most advanced washing machine technologies.

Disadvantages of Front load washing machine

  • One of the biggest drawbacks is that It is extremely tedious to load and unload front-loading machines if you are standing upright. For this, you would have to bend down on your knees. This is especially problematic if you suffer from back pain or you have a knee injury.
  • Washing clothes with this type of washing machine are frustrating because they take ages to do a load.
  • Another issue is that they are heavy and large than top-loaders. Though the good thing about this is that because of their size, you will have fewer incidences of mechanical breakdowns. Just make sure you have a helper when you want to move it from one place to another.
  • Some models are also pretty noisy when in use which may be a consideration for those who have small children in the house as it may frighten them or disrupt their routine for the day.
  • These units are also pretty expensive compared to top-loading units. But all in all, they are great to have in the house. They look great, work well, and last longer than top-loading washing machines.

Maintenance Tips for front load washing machines

  • You should use a Highly Efficient detergent for the front load washing machine in the right quantity.
  • Keep the door open and the machine will smell fresh and prevent the formation of moulds and mildew.
  • To avoid mould from growing on the rubber door gasket, use a rag or towel to wipe it clean.
  • You should only wash your laundry in warm water to keep the machine parts free from rust.
  • Always remove any lint, thread or any other thread like substance that is trapped in the door seal.
  • Be sure to check the pockets before loading your trousers and shirts in the washer and make sure you take anything sharp or metallic out of such pockets. 
  • Never overload your machine with laundry, i.e. less than two-thirds of the drum full, otherwise you will shorten its life span. 
  • Always avoid pouring white vinegar and bleach together in the washing machine as it may cause some chemical reactions.
  • When taking out a laundry load from your washing machine, always take it out gently avoiding jerky motion to prevent the drum bearing from being damaged.
  • Always use cold water in your washing machine whenever possible. This will help in reducing clothes wear and tear as well as help your clothes last longer.
  • A good maintenance involves thoroughly cleaning out every nook and cranny (the rubber and plastic gaskets, the lint filter, etc.) after having used your machine for a while. Use lukewarm water for this procedure to avoid deforming any parts inside nor damage anything in general.

FAQ on the Best front load washing machine in India

1. Why Front Load washing Machines are costly?

The reason why front-loading washing machines are costly is because of their technology. Front loading washing machines offer a lot of conveniences and better cleaning than the top loaders.
A front-loading washing machine is more efficient than a top-loader because it can use less water and energy, but this does not mean that they are more costly to operate as compared to the top-loading washing machine. 

2. Do we need special detergent for our front-load washing machines?

A front-loader washing machine is designed to use less water and soap, and it typically uses less energy than a top-loader. Because a front loading washing machine uses less water, it requires a HE detergents that are highly efficient but generates low in suds/foam.

3. How big are front loaders?

It is generally agreed upon that most front loaders have a standard size of 85 x 60 x 60cm, which makes them easy to install using a laundry sink or counter-top.

4. How much detergent do I need to use in a front-load washer?

There is no need to pre-measure the detergent when using a front loading washer. Just add the detergent into the laundry tray or closet as directed by the manufacturer and start your machine.

5. How much can you load a front load washer?

Do not overload a washing machine as this may result in the clothes coming out unclean. Make sure you load 80% of the machine's total capacity. For a 6 kg washing machine, load as much as 5 kg and leave enough space so that the machine can mix the detergent with the laundry properly.

6. Do front loaders need hot and cold water connections?

A hot water inlet rarely comes with most front loaders, and the majority have only a cold water supply and an in-built heater.

7. How long do front-loading washing machines last?

You should remember your one-time investment in a front load washing machine can last for more than 10 years if it is properly maintained.

8. Why does my front load washing machine vibrate while washing?

Front loading washing machines—due to their design and the way they work—are prone to vibration during washing.  Front-load machines cause more vibration than top-load machines. That's partly because they spin faster, which helps save energy needed to dry the clothes, and because the direction of the spin adds vibration. 
To minimize vibration during washing, your washing machine should always be placed on a level surface.

9. Do front loaders work better than top loaders?

Their quality wash and energy efficiency give them an edge over top loaders. In addition, the front load washers usually have more wash features to meet the needs of a variety of fabric types and soil levels.

10. How can I prevent clothes from tangling?

Clothes get Tangled inside the washing machine is usually the result of wash loads that were not properly sorted. Mixing two different types of garments together.
According to my experience, the best way to deal with this problem is to sort clothes into two groups according to fabric types. Then, separate these two groups of clothes into two different laundry baskets. Do not toss or mix the clothes together into one pile.
Do not overload your washer. Doing wash load when too many clothes or too many lightweight garments are mixed in together can cause tangling of clothes in the washing machine drum.


Our quest to find the best front load washing machine in India has come to an end, so it's time to see which of the other washing machines we think fit the bill. Our top pick is the LG 6.5 KgFront Loading Washing Machine (FHT1265ZNL). It has all the features in the book plus the LG brand.

That being said, they are all amazing products in their own way. Now you must decide if you wish to get a Samsung, Bosch, IFB or LG? It is a matter of personal preference which should matter in the end.

If you find this article helpful, go ahead and subscribe. If you need assistance in choosing a front load washing machine or you have some questions, you can contact us, as we try our best to provide appropriate replies.

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