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6 Best Portable Washing Machine in India (2021)

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Do you have trouble finding the best portable washing machine in India? If so, this guide is for you.

Having large-sized standard washing machines can appear too big and bulky for small houses and apartments. Such appliances need large space, high power usage, and more money as they are very expensive. Compared to those machines, a portable washing machine has become a blessing for small houses and for those who can't afford a conventional washing machine. 

In countries like India, people can't afford to live in big houses. Having little in everything is more to them. Thinking about buying a washing machine, they chose mini washing machines available in the market as it consumes little space in the room, needs less electricity, and very cheaper compared to its bulkier counterparts. 

Such washing machines are useful devices for a baby, bachelors, couples, and small families who live in small houses and flats. 

You don't need to change washers frequently and the portable machine comes with a low risk of leaking. The biggest advantage of having a small-sized washing machine in your home is it saves your electricity bill as it consumes less electricity. 

 Many reputed brands sell these lightweight washing machines. Here, we are helping you to buy the best portable washing machines which fit your budget and space.

List of Best Portable Washing Machine available in Online

1. DMR 25-1208 Portable Washing Machine with Dryer Basket 

DMR provides best-selling portable washing machines in India which let you washing clothes faster and are made especially for those who are particular about saving money on electricity bills

Coming from a well-known brand, the washing machine lets you wash four or five clothes at the same time due to its washing capacity of 2.5 kg. With an excellent drying capacity of 1kg., the machine can dry a few clothes with the capability of 60%-80%.

The lightweight compact body can be put in the smallest corner of your room and It is suitable for use in small houses, hostel rooms, bathrooms, and even inside the kitchens. 

Washing Capacity:  2.5 kg

Spin Capacity: 1 kg

Washing programs: 1

Type:  Semi-Automatic Top Loading washing machine

Power: 200 watts 

Rating: 3/5

Warranty: 1 year on product and 1 year on motor 

The product includes a steel dryer basket that can be removed, making it useful as a spin tub as well as a place to store clothes. It doesn't need a permanent water supply to wash clothes. Also, it consumes less power because of it comes with a less powerful motor. 

The semi-automatic washing machine saves your time as it has an auto-power off which automatically turns off while the washing and drying process is completed. 

Using this handy machine, you can wash clothes of various types of fabrics successfully as the 200W powered motor will take care of these tasks effortlessly.

The unique pulsator motion in the machine spins the clothes in every direction, clockwise and anti-clockwise, during the washing cycle to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and free from dust and dirt.


  • Easy to use
  • portable and can put to any area in the home
  • Can wash clothes in 15 minutes


  • Poor quality of drain hose
  • No water temperature option

2. Hilton 3 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - HIMW-300

This 3 kg portable washing machine from the popular Hilton brand is ideal for traveling. Washing and drying your clothes doesn’t get more convenient than this. Whether you’re going on a long vacation or just want to bring it along for fun, this washing machine will be your lifeline at home. 

If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight machine, then look no further than this Hilton Portable Washer. The resilient body is made of Polycarbonate Plastic and has outstanding impact resistance. 

Wash capacity: 3 kg

Spin capacity: 1kg

Wash program: One wash program

Power: 190watts

Warranty: 1-year warranty on product and motor both

Due to the lightweight and durable nature of the washer, it is easy to carry it from one place to another inside your home with ease.

This washing machine has a clockwise and anti-clockwise cycle that gently moves your clothes back and forth during the process of washing, ensuring all of your clothes receive a thorough laundry cleaning.

This low-powered machine does the job quite effectively despite the fact that it uses 190 watts of power. It uses low electricity, thus it's seen as an energy efficient washer.

There is nothing fancy about the control panel. The control panel consists of two knobs: the first is the spin timer, the second is the wash timer. I mean, anyone can use this washing machine using these knobs.


  • Water inlet pipe comes with the product
  • You can set drying time using spin cycle timer


  • The machine heats up after running for sometime
  • Drying clothes in the spin dryer is not as effective as you might expect.

3. DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine 

Coming from the same brand as the first washer on this list, DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine is a 4.6 kg capacity washing machine available on Amazon. In addition to its beautiful design, the machine comes with a set of electronic controls that have made it a popular choice among folks. It also comes with a durable and adequately powerful copper motor, which ensures your machine will carry out washing process smoothly and offer you clean clothes every time.

Wash capacity: 4.6 kg 

Spin capacity: 2 kg 

Weight: 13.23 kg 

Power: 240 watts 

Type: Single Tub Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

Warranty:  One-year comprehensive warranty  

DMR 46-1218 Single Tube Washing Machine washes 8-9 dirty clothes within 15 minutes of wash time. The washing machine has 2 ergonomically designed knobs- the first knob can be turned on/off for spin selector and wash, and the second knob can be turned on/off for spin timer and wash.

You can put this washing machine in any smallest area in the home and is easy to carry anywhere due to its compact design.  The single tub appliance is useful for a small family with 2 members and a newborn baby.

Whether you have baby clothes to wash or dirty bedsheets to wash, you can use this DMR machine to wash multiple items at once. This compact washer makes it easy to wash numerous baby clothes at the same time, or you can wash up to two dirty bedsheets at once when needed.

Its high-grade plastic anti-rust body material is attractive and protects from rust and corrosion. The non-breakable and durable body is easy to clean and gives a glossy finish to the machine. The machine is equipped with a detachable stainless steel drum(Spin bucket) spinner.

You can monitor the washing process while doing other activities as it features a semi-transparent lid. It washes multiple types of clothes back and forth and cleans all stains, dust, and does the removal of detergent residues.

Talking about energy saving, it consumes very little power while delivering an optimal washing process. It has a motor that has a spin power of 240 watts, making it an extremely energy-efficient machine and very water efficient too. So the bottom line is you will not be disappointed with the performance as it has got enough to offer an efficient cleaning.


  • Long-lasting steel basket
  • It has timer control settings
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy to use, no need to install


  • The machine vibrates while spinning 

4. Onida Washer Liliput Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (6.5 kg)

Onida's new model, Liliput 6.5 kg compact washing machines are a true marvel in the semi-automatic washing machine arena! These washers feature a powerful motor, a variety of wash cycles, and a load capacity of 6.5 kgs! This washing machine even has a transparent lid, so you can see the progress of the load as it's being washed and know how long it'll take to finish. If you're looking for a great washer, you've found it— the little washer that could!

This Onida Compact washing machine cleans your laundry without putting any stress on its 270 watts powered motor. Combined with a moderately powerful motor and unique hydrologic pulsator it provides excellent water flow that rinses and cleans clothes thoroughly with unexpected results.

Washing capacity: 6.5 kg 

Weight: 12 kg 

Type: Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine 

Warranty:  1 year on the machine and 6 years on motor 

Spin speed: 800 RPM 

Power: 270 watts 

The washing machine ensures long-lasting performance as it is built with durable and exclusive anti-rust fiber material. The drain cycle is useful in this washing machine because it makes sure water is drained from the wash tub when the wash cycle is complete. In addition, you can also release excess water using the drain cycle if you've filled it up with too much water during the wash cycle.

The easy performing washing machine lets you see the whole laundry cleaning process while doing your other works with the transparent lid. The washing machine is the easiest to carry as it can sit in any tiniest area in the home. You can carry it smoothly from one place to another place. 

The washer-only washing machine has a buzzer that alerts you when the washing process is completely done. What's more, the appliance offers two washing modes to select washing settings for different types of cloth materials.


  • Attractive design
  • Doesn't require lots of space to fit in
  • Eye-catching red color 
  • The powerful motor of 270 watts


  • There is no dryer in this washer

5. DMR 3kg Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket 

The DMR brand is one of the most well-known brands in India to manufacture compact washing machines. An additional great model from DMR is this 3 kg portable washing machine which allows you to wash multiple clothes at the same time. The top-loading machine protects your clothes from tearing while washed by handling the clothes gently.

The ready to use washing machine has 2 ergonomically designed knobs- the first knob can select spin timing and wash mode and the second is made for spin selection and wash mode. 

Wash capacity: 3 kg 

Spin Capacity: 1.5 kg 

Weight: 6.5 kg 

Type:  Single tub construction, Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine 

Power: 240 watts 

Warranty:  1 year 

The machine has a pulsator that runs on a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation system to remove stubborn stains easily from clothes. It also cleans detergent residues from clothes by rinsing gracefully. 

It features a separate filter to collect lint from the clothes and even removes the lints that get deposited at the bottom. It has a transparent body is always a bonus as it helps you to monitor the washing process while doing other activities.

And if we consider the washing time of this one, It can wash 6 to 7 clothes in 15 minutes. It can wash all types of clothes such as T-shirts, bedsheets, sarees, jeans, skirts, baby clothes, cushion covers, and many more. 


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable washing experience
  • Less water consumption and power consumption
  • Comes with a Lint filter
  • Also comes with Drainpipe


  • Not suitable even for a small family

6. Ultra-Pro Orignal Indias Handy Washing Machine 

If you are looking for a washing machine that you can easily carry along in your backpack, then this washing machine is the perfect choice for you. Unlike conventional design that we usually see in washing machines, this washer was designed differently. It has a handle so you can hold it and fix it in a bucket to wash your dirty laundry.

Weight: 2 kg 

Type: Handy portable washer (Handheld)

Warranty:  1-year replacement warranty and 2 years additional warranty 

Power: 250 watts 

The washing machine made in India has a round-shaped design and you can monitor the exact condition of washed clothes. It can wash clothes quickly and cleans all dirt, stains, and detergent residues without having any complications. It comes with a powerful ISI Copper Coil Motor

It is built to withstand shock with its shockproof design. As per the brand claims, this handy device is a long-lasting performer and it can last up to 7 years.

The washing machine can fit any tiniest corner of the room or the bathroom. It offers a 1-year replacement warranty along with a 2-year additional warranty

It requires low maintenance and consumes less energy and water. This machine is useful to wash all kinds of clothes.


  • Small size and lightweight
  • Powerful ISI Copper Coil Motor
  • Provides Good grip on the bucket


  • No timer is available in this washer
  • No autostop feature present

Buying Guide for portable washing machine

Portable washing machines make it easier for you to clean clothes whenever you need to, and without needing to lug a heavy unit around. They are also great for washing tiny loads, like delicates clothes that are less soiled and that are too small for a standard machine. But, do you know what to look for when buying a portable washing machine? Here are some of the tips and points to think about when purchasing a portable washing machine.

Types of Portable washing machines

As compared to the traditional washing machine that is broadly divided into front load and top load washing machines, the portable washing machine is also divided into different types based on the requirements and features. Let's take a look at the different types of portable washers below

1. Fully-Automatic Portable Washing Machine 

The fully automatic portable washing machine is a washing machine that does not require the user's intervention. Fully automatic washing machines come with advanced features, more wash programs, and better technology.

Unfortunately, We didn't find any truly portable fully automatic washing machine in the Indian market. 

2. Semi-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

A semiautomatic portable washer can clean clothes but needs human supervision. 

Clean clothes need to be removed and dried immediately by putting them in the spin basket that comes with the machine.

3. Handy Portable Washer

The compact-sized handheld device can be used for washing clothes placing them in the regular bucket. such a type of washing device is very smooth and you can use them to wash a bucket full of clothes. With 5 minutes of the wash cycle, it needs little water and limited space. But it can be used only for a smaller load like baby clothes.

Things to consider before buying a portable washing machine

You should have considered useful factors before purchasing the best washing machine with your budget capacity. Here are a few things you should look at before selecting the best small-sized washing machine for your home. 

1. Capacity and Size

Most of the Portable washing machines we get our hands on have a capacity that ranges between 2.5 kg to 6.5kg. They are an ideal choice for bachelors and couples who don't wash their clothes very frequently. 

Otherwise, you can select the washing machine with a higher capacity thinking about your family with more members of 7-9 members.

The capacity of the washing machine should be directly proportional to its size but most portable washing machines are already small in size so we can overlook the size while buying a portable washer

2. Single or Double Tub 

Although all the portable washers we have covered are single tub machines. We will share some lights on what a twin tub washing machine is. A double tub washer has two tubs separately built for washing and spinning. One advantage of having a double tub washer is that you can do the washing and spinning parallel.  

3. Water supply 

Portable washing machines do not require a permanent water supply. You can connect the water inlet to a running tap or sink. Other alternatives include manually pouring water into the machine, but this method is very awkward since you have to lift the bucket to fill up the water level.

4. Built Quality

The Portable washing machine available in the market has a plastic body so if you expect a stainless steel body, you will be disappointed. That does not mean a plastic body is inherently unendurable. The external and internal components and parts of these washing machines should come with sturdy and high-grade plastic. Machines built with high-quality material provide corrosion-free and rust-proof protection. 

Also, make sure the mini washing machine's spin drum is made of high-quality stainless steel material.

FAQ on the Portable Washing Machines

  1. How Are Portable Washing Machines Different From Full-Size Washing Machines?

    Firstly the difference between portable and full-sized washing machines is the size. Portable washing machines are small in size.
    They more affordable and easier to move than a regular washing machine. Plus, they are much easier to use and consume less electricity than the full-sized ones.

  2. What is the size of the portable washer?

    The size of a portable washer depends on its capacity. Usually, The ideal size of the portable washer should vary between 1and half to 2 feet in width, 2 to 3 feet tall, and 1 and a half to 2 feet in length.

  3. What is the weight of portable washer?

    The average weight of a portable washing machine varies between 5 kg to 13 kg

  4. Do portable washing machines save electricity?

    Yes, They indeed save electricity. The portable machine consists of a less powered motor and less capacity that's why you can expect up to 50% reduction in power consumption compared to full-sized washing machines

  5. How To Install a Portable Washing Machine?

    Most small-sized washing machines come with the function of the ready-to-use option. So You don't need any installation with these machines. Be sure, you should read instructions carefully before installing the portable washing machine.

  6. How to clean a portable washing machine?

    Washing machines save a lot of time but they do have a tendency to get dirty. To use it properly, and to keep your clothes clean and your machine working at its best, you should clean it regularly or at least once every month. This means not just dusting out the lint trap and unblocking the hose, but giving the whole thing an honest scrub.

  7. Do they come in hot water settings?

    Portable washing machines cannot be equipped with hot water settings since their features are limited due to their small size. Because of their size, you can't expect to find heaters in these washing machines.

  8. Do they all come with a dryer basket?

    Yes. But some machines have come with an attached basket while some offer a separate spin basket.


Our research into the portable washing machine market is complete, and we have the results in the form of the best portable washing machine. Our top pick for the overall best product is the DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Portable Washing Machine, which provides great value for money and has a few features that are quite good, such as the wash load capacity is not too low nor too high, so the machine is not dissatisfying any group, plus its ability to conserve water and reduce energy consumption.

What is your opinion of the list? What have we missed? What is your favorite machine? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.b

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