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9 Best Washing Machine Stands in India (2021)

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Buying the best washing machine stand is no easy feat. There are many different types of washing machine stands to choose from, and each has their own pros & cons. We know the pain of buying the wrong washing machine stand. We’ve been there, done that. So we created this guide to help you avoid our mistakes.

One of the most important characteristics of a washing machine stand is its durability, in addition to its ease of cleaning and its stability.

If you’re planning to buy a modern washing machine, don’t go without a washing machine stand. It’s an essential accessory that will save your washing machine from long-term wear and tear.

In this article, we will be covering the 9 washing machine stands in the Indian market, so you can choose the right one as per requirement.

Best Washing Machine Stand in India

As we mentioned before, we are giving reviews of the 9 best washing machine stand below. Make sure you are reading this guide carefully before investing your money in any stand. 

1. Irkaja Heavy Duty Adjustable Stand

Irkaja is one of the most popular companies that produce adjustable stands. This stand is our top pick on the best appliance stand listicle. This stand comes with an adjustable feature, so it can carry any automatic type of big appliance, including a water cooler, washer, air purifier, and more. 

This trolley is made of 100% metal, so it can easily carry heavy home appliances. The manufactures claim that this appliance stand can carry up to 160 kg massive weight. The min size of this stand is 16 inches x 19 inches. However, this stand has a ground clearance of 4 inches height. 

For a big appliance stand, the wheels are one of the essential features we should check before buying. When we talk about it more, the company has kept the promise by providing sturdy wheels that can carry heavyweight. This stand has four 360-degree rotatable wheels that are also suitable for smooth moves. 

One of the best features of this stand is the Anti-vibration feature that minimizes the vibration and unnecessary noise of the machine.

You can use this stand for all washing machine brands such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier, Videocon, etc. The package you get from amazon will contain the the stand unit, Manual guide booklet and a warranty card.

Key Features of Irkaja Washing Machine Stand

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Installation Type: Pre-assembled
  • Unit Measurement: 55 x 35 x 7 cm
  • Actual Weight: 4 kg
  • No Batteries Required 
  • Anti-Skid wheel locking system 
  • Comes with Stand-cum-trolly with four wheels attached


  • Maximum load-carrying capacity up to 160kg
  • 100% metal build stand for long-term usage
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • 360-degrees rotatable wheels
  • Has a thick layer of rust-proof coating for water damage prevention


  • The manufacturers don't provide a warranty on this stand.

Our Thought

You may understand why this stand is at the top of our list. This versatile product has all features that a normal appliance requires. Plus, the metal body ensures that it can hold all kinds of home appliances. One drawback of this appliance stand is the company does not promise a warranty. However, you can go with the features it provides. 

2. Golwyn Appliance Stand

If you are finding a sturdy stand for your appliance at a reasonable rate, then Golwyn could be suitable for you. Golwyn is a well-known Indian company for producing top quality stands for various home appliances. This Golwyn stand has a strong 4 psc set. 

The high-quality plastic makes this stand sturdy. Plus, this stand can easily carry heavyweight appliances as it can carry appliances of up to 360 kgs weight. The weight of this product is 495 g, which is good for carrying large home appliances.

Golwyn claims that this appliance stand can save your appliance's base from rust. However, if you are looking for a stand with wheels, this one isn't suitable. 

Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Included Components: Stand
  • Weight: 495 g
  • No Batteries Required


  • Made of sturdy plastic so its naturally a corrosion resistant product
  • Economical price
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Have a volume of up to 360 kg
  • Can save appliance base from corrosion
  • Reasonable rate compared to other stands


  • Not that suitable for washing machine
  • Lack of Smooth-Moving Wheels

Our Thought

Even the stand is made of high-quality plastic. We don't think it's good for huge machines. Plus, you cannot move the appliance with this stand. If you are on a budget, then you can buy this stand. However, it's more suitable for refrigerators and washers.

3. Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Stand

Smart Shelter is one of the reputed manufacturers that provide the best washing machine stands. This product is one of the best stands on this list. This stand comes with an adjustable size mechanism feature so you can put any big appliances including air coolers, refrigerators, washers, and dishwashers. 

This stand has sturdy 100% durable metal frames, so you can easily put front-load and top load washing machine stable. The best thing about this stand is it can carry up to 140 kg weight. Smart Shelter stand has a minimum dimension of 16.5-inch x 19.5 inch and a maximum height adjustability dimensions of 25.5-inch x 32 inch. 

These wheel trolleys come with four top-quality 360-degree smooth wheels that give this stand an excellent grip. They are unique sorts of wheels that facilitate the movement of the washing machine. The manufacturer uses powder coating paint to ensure the durable choice of the machine. The heavy rubber jacks on the sides of this stand have the task of noise reduction as we all know how much neighbors complain if they hear loud vibrating noise.

Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Weight: 3 kg 600 g
  • No Batteries Required 
  • Anti-Skidding Feature
  • Comes with 360-degree polypropylene panel wheels


  • Made of strong material  
  • Swiveling Wheels
  • Have a weight-carrying maximum loading capacity of 140 kg
  • Heavy rubber jack protection for absorbing vibration
  • Adjustable stand for all types of big appliances


  • Reportedly not suitable for all kinds of big home appliance 

Our Thought

Smart Shelter itself is a popular name in the market for making big appliance accessories. The strong material gives this appliance a solid structure that can hold any type of home appliance. Plus, we have loved the anti-corrosion and 360-degree rotating wheels. You can easily purchase this stand. 

4. Flipkart SmartBuy Trolley

If you are finding a stand at a very reasonable cost, then Flipkart SmartBuy appliance trolly can be your perfect choice. The manufactures have made this beautiful-looking trolley with high-quality material that can give help you with the smooth movement of your top and front load washing machines. 

This trolly comes with front lockable castors, so customers can easily move appliances from one place to another. You can extend this Flipkart SmartBuy trolly from 43 cm x 43 cm to a maximum size of 66 cm x 66 cm. Plus, this big appliance trolly can hold a 5 kg to 7.5 kg weight. 

The wheels of this stand are made of top-quality materials and come with the wheel lock feature. So, you can easily lock this stand when you don't need to move your appliance. This thing can carry up to 130 kg. However, there is no warranty available from the manufacturer regarding this trolley, so you can't reach out to them if this stand is having any problem. 

Key Features

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Easy to install
  • Dimension: 43 x 43 cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 130 kg
  • Adjustable for big appliances 
  • Wheel lock feature


  • This stand is available at a very reasonable rate
  • Specially made for stainless steel washing machine 
  • With the wheel lock feature, it's easy to move appliances from one place to another
  • Suitable for all kinds of big appliance 


  • Does not come with an anti-corrosion feature 
  • There could be a problem with the durability of this home appliance stand. 

Our Thought

This stand Flipkart SmartBuy has a stylish look and available at a cheap cost. Overall, the appliance stand comes with all types of features a big appliance requires. However, if you are hesitant of assembling it, then you can avoid this stand.  

5. Bosch Siemens Original Adjustable Pedestal

This brand is a very popular brand in the Indian market that provides different types of appliances and accessories. The manufacturer has made this stand exclusively for top-loading washing machine. This stand is ideal for appliances that are 60 cm in length and 55 cm in width. 

This stand from this company has a sturdy structure that is made of high-quality aluminum. The best thing about this thing is the manufacturers use mold technology that can give the top quality washing machine longevity.

This stand has an X-shaped large diameter aluminum that can be adjustable for all Bosch and Siemens front loading washing machines. However, the manufacturers don't clear that if this stand is suitable for other company's large appliances. So, make sure you are doing enough research before buying. 

The stand has a dimension of 6 x 5.5 x 6 cm and a weight of 3.5 kgs. This trolley comes withM12 a super stable screw foot that can help your appliance gives minimal vibrations. As we mentioned before, the adjustable pedestals of this stand help elevate the home appliance up to 9 cm from the surface, so the appliance can't get a direct contract with the water. This is a durable and rust-resistant trolley.

Key Features

  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pre-assembled, easy to install
  • Dimension: 6 x 5.5 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • M12 super stable  position screw foot
  • Anti-Skidding Feature
  • Made of mold technology 


  • The X-shaped large diameter aluminum ensures if the appliance stand is durable.
  • Has adjustable pedestals that elevate the large appliance up to 9 cm from the surface.
  • Strong and sturdy structure 
  • Super strong anti-skid feet
  • Have reinforcing cylinders for good stability 
  • Craved with laser for intricate design 


  • A little expensive compared to other stands 
  • This stand can't hold appliances from other manufacturers  

Our Thought

The company has made this standby using the latest technology. Even the high cost of this stand worth every penny. Without a doubt, you can buy this stand if you are having a large appliance from this company. However, it could not be suitable for other companies. 

6. ABI CLEANING SOLUTIONS Premium Heavy Duty Trolley

ABI Cleaning Solutions is an Indian company that has been providing the best washing machine trolleys for a few years now. This multi-functional adjustable stand from ABI Cleaning Solutions can adapt any kind of appliances, including fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, front and top-load machine. Plus, you can put any large appliance from all companies. 

This stand has a base size of 22 x 17 x 4 cm and a weight of 2 kgs. The high-grade durable materials make it sturdy. The manufacturers had made this stand with high-strength PP plastic and high-quality pipes. ABI Cleaning Solutions' appliance stand is very easy to install and has a weight-carrying volume of 80 kgs.

This stand has 360-degree rotatable heavy-duty substantial wheels, so you can smoothly move your home appliance from one place to another as per requirement. The heavy rubber jacks on the sides of this stand can absorb vibrations. Each rubber wheel has a brake rotor, so you can keep your large appliance safe anywhere. 

Also, this stand comes with a thick white paint powder-coated steel frame that has proper floor grips and prevents your appliance from being rusted. The manufacturer also provides a return and refund regarding this stand. 

Key Features

  • Color: White
  • Material: Iron frame
  • Easy to install
  • Dimension: 22 x 17 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 5-40 kg appliance
  • Anti-Skidding
  • 360-degree rotatable heavy-duty wheel


  • Has a size adjustment mechanism, so you can keep all kinds of large appliances.
  • This stand is very easy to install and does not require help from experts
  • Comes with 360-degree rotatable rubber wheels
  • The anti-slip rubber pad guarantees a solid grip of the washing machine foot.
  • Comes at a very reasonable rate


  • This stand could have a durable issue

Our Thought

This stand from ABI Cleaning Solution is very promising in the market. The tough iron structure of this stand ensures stability. However, this appliance is not our top recommendation, you can still buy this regarding the features.

7. INSAK HOMES Washing Machine Stand

Insak Homes is an Indian company for producing strong large home appliance trolleys at a very reasonable cost. This stand from Insak Homes is perfect for all types of small and big appliances. It comes with a universal adjustable feature that can easily hold the front and top-loading machines.

The manufacturers have made it suitable for all size appliances from 5 kg to 12 kg and the stand has a volume of up to 150 kg weight. This beautiful white stand has mild steel and cold rolled steel structure that makes it incredibly sturdy. 

The stand has a dimension of 40 x 30 x 7.5 cm and a weight of 3 kg. This trolley has 4 heavy-duty wheels for ease that are supported by four anti-vibration legs. So, it can easily help the appliance by absorbing vibrations. The best thing about this stand is the company provides a one-year warranty on the stand. So, you don't have to worry about the after-sale service of this company. 

Key Features

  • Color: Ivory White
  • Material: Mild Steel, Cold Rolled Steel 
  • Type of Install: Pre-assembled
  • Dimension: 40 x 30 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Can carry up to 150 kg
  • No Batteries Required
  • Anti-vibration Legs
  • Suitable for both washing machines


  • Adjustable steel big appliance stand with Tensile Technology
  • Built from the highest quality CR pipe and sheet, that makes this stand compact and portable.
  • Rounded Guard Edges
  • Industrial Grade foots
  • Comes with anti-slip rubber panels to absorb vibration
  • Easy to assemble 
  • The company provides a one-year warranty 


  • The appliance is very lightweight, so it could have problems with carrying heavy appliances. 

Our Thought

Insak Homes is one of our favorites on this list, as it provides top-quality features at a very reasonable rate. The solid materials make the stand solid to use. If you want to buy a home appliance that comes with a warranty, then Insak Homes is perfect for your home appliance.

8. Zippco Large Appliance Trolly

Zippco is also providing top-quality large appliance trolleys at a very cheap cost. This stand from Zippco is capable of holding any non-electric and electric big and semi-big appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, cooler, and dryer. 

This adjustable trolly has a minimum movable size of 41 cm x 48 cm and a maximum size of 66 cm x 81 cm. The trolly is suitable for all sizes of home appliances between 5 kg to 12 kg and has a maximum load capacity of 170 kgs. Zippco has made this stand with 100% iron that ensures the strength of the trolly. 

The stand comes with four 360-degree rotatable hoops that are attached to the stand for giving excellent movability. So, anyone can move the appliance anywhere without thinking twice. Plus, there are four rubber jacks attached in all four corners of the stand that ensure stability. 

Zippco's big appliance stand is pre-assembled, so you don't need to do it yourself. The home appliance stand has a thick layer of powder coating that prevents the stand from corrosion. The company provides a one-year warranty on this stand.

Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Iron
  • Pre-assembled, ready to use
  • Minimum Size: 41 x 48 cm
  • Maximum Size: 66 x 81 cm
  • Can carry up to 170 kg
  • Anti-rusting feature
  • 360-degree rotatable wheels attached 
  • Anti-vibration Legs
  • Ease of movement


  • The 100% iron body material makes this stand strong and long-lasting
  • Has a volume of carrying large appliances between 5 kg to 12 kg
  • Comes with a universal adjustable feature
  • Has a thick layer of anti-rusting powder coating
  • The company ensures the stability of the structure by attaching rubber jacks on each corner
  • Has a very reasonable cost
  • Zippco gives a one-year warranty


  • This stand from Zippco does not absorb vibrating properly.

Our Thought

Just like Insak Homes, Zippco provides many good features at a decent price. Plus, it also comes with a one-year warranty. So, it could be an excellent alternative for all those premium appliance accessories that don't promise a warranty.

9. Smart Shelter Adjustable Universal Trolley With Stoppers 

As we mentioned before, Smart Shelter is popular for producing top-quality appliance trolleys. This trolley has an elegant design with stylish black color. The universal and adjustable heavy-duty design ensures that all sizes of appliances fit perfectly.

The home appliance stand has a size accommodation of 410 x 410 mm to 730 x 730 mm. Smart Shelter has made this stand with high graded strong material tubes that can hold up to 80 kg. The trolly comes with 4 PP twin castor movable wheels, so you can move the appliance as required. 

The locking mechanisms feature can help you with putting the appliance anywhere safely. This stand also has a black powder-coated frame for rust proofing and long life. However, this company also doesn't provide a warranty. 

The unique size adjustment capability makes it an ideal choice for all sizes of appliances from the most popular brands.

Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metals
  • Not ready to use
  • Dimension: 43 x 43 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Can carry up to 80 kg
  • Anti-rusting feature
  • Safe Design


  • Made of high strength PP plastic and high-quality stainless steel pipe composition
  • Each rubber wheel has a brake for ensuring if it's long-lasting or not.
  • of the appliance
  • Comes with build-in material and plastics for preventing the appliance from rusting and protect the floor from damage.
  • The rate of this stand is quite reasonable 


  • The volume of this stand is relatively lower than other appliance stands.

Our Thought

This is another solid appliance stand from Smart Shelter which is made of stainless steel and pp plastic material. If you are finding a tough appliance stand for average size home appliances, this is the ideal stand. However, the volume is lower than other stands. 

Buying Guide

Finally, you know about the best washing machine stands available in the Indian market from the above-mentioned brands. The operation and qualities of these stands are outstanding. These home appliance stands are available in the form of a metal trolly with stoppers. So, it can keep big appliances safe and sturdy. In the following, we are giving some suggestions that you need to know before buying a stand.

If You're Living in a Small Apartment

Using a large appliance stand could be really helpful when you are living in a small apartment. You can easily move your appliance if you want to. Plus, the anti-vibration feature can help absorb vibration. 

Have Kids at Home

Having a stand is very good when you have kids at when. For example, if you are washing clothes at night, it can disturb your baby's sleep. By putting the appliance on a stand, you can prevent this issue. 

The Use of Washing Machine Stand

If you are still using a traditional stand, it's the best time to upgrade. Today's washing machine stand comes with the latest technology and provides various features, including anti-rusting, anti-skid foot, vibration absorbing, and more. So investing in a high-quality stand could be lifesaving.  

Things to Consider While Buying a Stand

We know how these stands come with top qualities. There are also a few things you need to consider before buying the best stand. Let's find out. 

Brand Value

You may know by now that there are several good manufacturers in the Indian market that are providing the best washing machine stands. Having a good stand is essential, as you are being it for the long run. Let's look at some reputed companies in India that producing high-quality stands.

Smart Shelter

Smart Shelter is an Indian company that provides sturdy and high-quality appliance stands at a very decent cost. With a 100% metals body, it can hold up to 140 kg weight. The best thing about this company is, they make stands by applying the latest technology. 


Just like appliances, Bosch and Siemens also produce top-quality stands for appliances. If you have a large appliance from this company, you can buy this stand without thinking twice. However, we can't say if this stand is suitable for other brand's large appliances. 


Irkaja is a top-rated and reputed company for making large appliance accessories. They are popular for making adjustable and durable stands. The large appliance also comes with essential features, including an anti-skid mechanism, 360-degree rotatable wheels, anti-vibration, and more. 

Insak Homes

Insak Homes is another Indian company that is developing high-quality large appliance stands at a reasonable rate. They produce stands that are suitable for all sizes of big appliances and brands. Another plus of this company is they are giving a one-year warranty.

Material Used

When you are buying a stand for your washing machine, you need to be careful about the material of the stand. We would recommend a 100% sturdy material stand that can protect the big appliance. Plus, make sure the stand also has anti-slip rubber pads that adds a layer of cushion and 360-degree movable polypropylene trolley wheels.

Capacity to Withstand

Another factor you need to consider before buying a stand is the capacity of the stand. You will find most stands have the strength of holding a large home appliance in between 5 kg to 12 kg. You can also check the weight volume of the stand. However, it also depends on your choice. Make sure you are buying an adjustable stand, so it can hold any brand's large appliance. 

Build Quality and Dimension

One of the most considering factors of the best washing machine stands is the dimension of the stand. Make sure you are checking the build quality and dimension of the stand before purchasing. Check if the stand allows you to move the appliance with ease. Plus, the height of the trolly is also essential as it ensures the protection of the home appliance from moisture damage. 

Stoppage Mechanism for Added Safety and Benefits

When you are buying a stand, checking for a stoppage mechanism is mandatory. The rubber jacks will handle the machine's vibration and noise output reduction which contributes to user comfort. It also provides a firm grip, so the appliance machine can stand safely. However, you will find a wide variety of stoppage mechanism in the Indian market. So, you can easily find an appliance stand as you required. 

Anti-Skid Washing Machine Feet

One of the most common yet effective features in the anti-skid foot. The manufacturers provide four 360-degree rotatable wheels for the easy movement of the appliance. Plus, some come with brakes on each wheel that ensure the safety of the home appliance. Anti-skid foot also helps you shift the appliance, so you can clean the floor easily. It also prevents the sound of vibration that the machine makes when the washing machine motor is running especially when you have a high RPM washing machine at home. It gives stability and assures minimum vibrations while the cloth washer is on wash cycles.

Warranty & Reliability 

Warranty is a key factor you need to consider before buying a large appliance stand. For a large appliance stand, it is a very essential factor, as you are not buying this stand every day. However, many companies don't provide a warranty with a stand. Although buying a stand with a warranty is always good. Make sure you are buying a stand that ensures warranty and after-sale service. 

Types Of Stands For Washing Machines

As companies are selling many stands for big home appliances, there are two types of stands available in the market right now. 

Adjustable Stand

We have mentioned adjustable stands several times in this article. As mentioned, an adjustable stand has adjustable heights that allow you to set it if you needed. This type of large appliance stand has more versatility than non-adjustable stands and has moveability.

Non-Adjustable Stand

A non-adjustable stand comes with a fixed size, so you cannot adjust it as per your requirement. However, these types of stands also anti-slip jacks and anti-skid features, so it can absorb vibration. Although we don't recommend a non-adjustable stand for online purchase.

Importance Of Washing Machine Stand

As we have mentioned the top features of an ideal stand, you also need to know about the importance of the best washing machine stand. Let's find out what are the key importance of a large appliance stand below.


You may know by now that an adjustable large home appliance stand is very easy to use. You can put the appliance as you want. The 360-degree rotatable polypropylene wheels can help you by moving the appliance from one place to another. Plus, it's easy to clean the floor with the portable feature of a stand. 

Protects Your Washing Machine

When you are putting a big appliance directly on the floor, it can be harmful to both the appliance and floor. But when you are putting the appliance on the top of the stand, the stand raises the appliance a few centimeters off the floor. So, it will protect your large home appliance from moisture and rust. The brakes on the rotary polypropylene wheels also ensure that the appliance is not moving.

Reduces Vibration

Today's companies produce stands with many features. One of the best features of these large appliance stands is the anti-vibration feature. The anti-skid feet help the appliance by absorbing vibration. 

Maintenance of Washing Machine Stand

Maintenance is very important, as you are not going to buy a stand for your home appliance every day. In the following, we have given some useful tips that can help you and your family with the maintenance of the stand. 

  • Buying a stand that is compatible with your appliance is important for maintenance. If your appliance does not fit on the stand, it'll become totally useless. Make sure you are purchasing an adjustable stand. If you find the company of your large appliance develops stands, you can easily buy that.
  • The material of the stand also ensures if the appliance is durable. It's better if you are purchasing a large appliance stand that is made of 100% metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. Try to avoid stands that are made of plastic when you have a big appliance.
  • Many brands provide a stand at a cheap price. If you are looking for a stand at a reasonable price, make sure the appliance stand is made of high-quality materials. You can do a little research too.
  • You will find some brands producing these large appliance stands that are ready to install. It means you need to assemble the appliance stand by yourself. It can cause a lot of problems. That's why buying a pre-assembled stand is always a better option.
  • Cleaning this big appliance stand is a necessary thing. Make sure you are cleaning the stand at least once a month. However, it also depends on where you are living. For example, if you are from an area where things get dust easily, you can change the cleaning process to once a week. 
  • Make sure you are always keeping the home appliance on the stand as it can save the appliance from various dangers, even natural disasters. 
  • When you want a long-lasting stand, you should go for a stand that has rubber jacks attached to it. The anti-slip rubber pad should have top-quality if you want your appliance to stay in one place. 
  • A good home appliance stand always has advanced features like anti-corrosion and anti-rusting. It will also extend the durability of the stand. Make sure you are buying a trolly with all these features. 
  • Many people make a mistake by not buying a stand without a stopper. Make sure the stand has a stopper to ensure safety.
  • As we mentioned before, cleaning a large appliance stand is important. That's why it's better to buy a device that is easy to clean. Make sure you are checking the bases of your appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the washing machine be kept in the bathroom?

Well, it totally depends on the size of your bathroom and how are you using it. For example, when you have a small apartment, it's normal for having a small bathroom. If you are keeping the home appliance inside of the bathroom, it will kill a lot of space. However, when you have a decent size bathroom, you can easily put the appliance there.

What are the main uses of a large appliance stand?

By reading this article, you can get the answer to this question. An appliance stand's main use is holding the big appliance and keeping it safe from any harm. Besides, a stand will help with multiple things such as protecting your machine from rusting, markings, absorbing vibration issues and noise, keeping the appliance safe, and more. Plus, you can use this stand for keeping other big appliances too. 

How do I clean the floor after the stand is installed?

As you can notice, most companies provide adjustable stands. It means you can adjust the length, width, and height of the stand. Today's company provides big appliance stands that are at least 4 cm high from the ground. It also helps to keep the large appliance up from the ground to prevent noise and rusting. So, you can easily clean the floor even after the installation of the stand. 

Do we need a stand for the washing machine?

Yes, without any doubt, you need a stand for your large appliance. Having a laundry room is not common in a country like India. You will find many people who are keeping their large home appliances in a corner of the living room or bathroom. That means it will be difficult to clean the floor. By using a stand, you can easily clean the floor and move the home appliance the way you want to. 

Are there stands available for bigger washing machines?

Most large appliance stands in today's market are available at an adjustable size. So, no matter if you have a small or big washing machine, an adjustable stand can fulfill your needs. However, if you are finding a non-adjustable stand, you can check the dimension of the item. 

What material is the best material for stands?

There are various types of material the manufacturers use for producing stands. The most common materials are iron, stainless steel, and PP plastic. Although there are some stands available in the market which are made of aluminum. For heavy appliances, a metal stand is ideal.

Should I get an adjustable stand or a non-adjustable one?

Getting a stand always depends on the type of home appliance. However, getting an adjustable stand is always recommended as you can adjust it as you want to A non-adjustable stand is excellent for big washing machines.

What's the first thing to check while buying a washing machine stand?

The first thing you must check is your washing machine capacity. Different stands bear different weights. So it's always wise to check the washing machine capacity so that you know if the stand is capable of bearing the overall weight or not.

Other things to check while buying a great quality product are


When you are looking for the best washing machine stands, you will often get confused. We have done in-depth research before listing the top-quality appliance stand in this guide. By our buying guide, you have learned about the considering factors you should follow before purchasing anything. Make sure you are reading our tips and FAQs sections for clearing doubts. We hope this blog will help you with the next purchase. 

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