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10 Best Washing Machine under 10000(2021)

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Washing machines are an essential appliance of every household. Sifting through the laundry lists of ads and offers gives you information overload, and Selecting the best washing machine under 10000 could be a frustrating task.

We have simplified the process for you to help you buy a washing machine under 10k that will fit your budget and stand the test of time without breaking a sweat. No matter if you're in the market immediately for a new washing machine or just want to add a few extra items to your shopping list, you'll find our buyer's guide very useful in finding the perfect washing machine for you.

If you are searching for the best top load washing machine or the best front load washing machine in India then you can read our articles on them as well. Now lets straight into the lists below

List of Best washing machine under 10000

Though the following list contains semi-automatic machines due to the pricing restrictions, you will not be disappointed. They all come with amazing features such as water level indicator, smart scrub technology, multi-utility tray, and various washing modes. We promise this list will allow you to easily make up your mind and pick the best one for your household.

1. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-SUPERB ATOM 7.0

best washing machine under 10000

One of the most practical yet economical washing machines on our list is the Whirlpool Superb Atom 7.0. As you have seen from the header, it comes with a 7 kg capacity which would be ideal for small to medium Indian households. It is also a semi-automatic washing machine and has top loading functionality that supports drying and washing functions.

  • The 7 kg capacity will suit most small households with 3 to 5 person
  • There are three wash programs that you can use for specific fabric types
  • The buzzer will ring once the wash cycle ends, which is very helpful.
  • Getting your clothes dry faster is possible with a spin speed of 1400 rpm

This Whirlpool model has a 66L large capacity washing tub that enables you to wash your clothes without manually moving them. The Super Soak technology allows clothes to soak in the machine's water for 25 minutes, perfectly softening and relaxing fabric fibers for superior cleaning.

Occasionally the power might go out during the laundry cycle, but you won't need to worry. With the Auto Restart feature, Washing Machine, you can continue with your laundry operation where it had stopped when the power comes back.

The Smart Scrub Station is a clever innovation that aids every step of the laundry process for you. It includes a built-in scrubber installed on the upper side of the drum with soft bristles, so you can effortlessly scrub your clothes before starting the cycle. We give you time to do what's important – focusing on more significant things in life.

The lint collector is an essential component as It is used when washing clothes to eliminate those nasty fibers and lint that come out in the process of washing and lead to clogging drain pipes, which protects your machine from getting clogged up with debris. It also makes sure your clothes are cleaned free of fibers.

It is pretty evident that the End of Cycle Buzzer is genuinely one of the many notable features in this specific model that is specifically designed to inform you when the washing cycle is over.


  • Consumes less power because of the 5 Star energy rating
  • Powerful 340-watt motor
  • Presence of lint filter
  • Offers waterproof panel to prevent damage to the machine


  • Spin tub creates some noise
  • The drain pipe is short

2. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-WT725QPNDMPXTL

Whether you're an amateur home-maker or a professional mom, the Samsung 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is designed to provide you the best laundry experience.

This compact model from Samsung has all the essential features to tackle all types of washes with ease and is perfect for tiny homes.

  • It's not only economical, but it also consumes less water
  • Samsung offers two years warranty on the product
  • The 7.2 kg capacity of the washing machine is perfect for small families.
  • The three wash programs make the washing process smooth.

Samsung's 7.2 Kg washing machine offers plenty of features that are typically unheard of in other devices. Let's dive into each of these features one by one.

Samsung's Center Jet Technology feature cleans your clothes gently and effectively with Jets of water generated from the center. It also prevents tangles of clothes present inside the drum.

The multi utility EZ Wash tray's unique design allows you to clean your clothes effectively, especially the hard-to-reach areas. Instead of removing individual clothes to be cleaned as you usually would, simply place them in the EZ Wash tray and when you're done scrubbing all your items in the main compartment, just transfer them into the machine

We don't like to go out in the sun to dry our clothes. This Samsung semi-automatic washing machine features a powerful Air turbo drying system that lets you dry your clothes right in the machine. This means no more drying clothes under the sun and less time waiting for the kids' outerwear to dry!

The washing machine gets all your clothes clean, even the most delicate when you select the delicate wash program so that your clothes last longer. It even has a lint filter to remove bits of fluff before they clog up your pipes.


  • The spin speed of 740 rpm is quite decent
  • Child lock prevents kids from playing with the machine
  • The built-in buzzer notifies when the cycle completes
  • Strong shockproof panel and rust-free body 


  • The mThe wheels are one-directional
  • The dryer makes some noise

3. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2

The Whirlpool brand is one of the best-known popular brands in India. Its rich product portfolio comprises washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and more. And if you're looking for a quiet washing machine that is easy to operate, Whirlpool has a tailor-made solution for all variants of washing machines.

  • The 7.2 kg capacity of the washing machine is perfect for small households.
  • Unique scrub board for scrubbing toughest stains.
  • Ace wash station helps you to sorts and store clothes in the machine itself
  • The maximum speed of 1400 rpm helps to dry clothes faster
  • In the case of a power outage, the auto-restart function will restore the cycle.

When it comes to having kids, there is a very high chance that soiled clothes will clutter your home. This washer's 'Super Soak' technology will save the day with its 25-minute soak time.

The generous 66L washtub can accommodate your clothes so they can move about freely from one side to another. Furthermore, the larger Capacity allows you to do laundry less often.

The advanced feature such as Spin Shower ensures that your clothes are rinsed clean of detergent after every wash cycle. As a result, your clothes will not smell like they have been soaked in detergents since the unique shower removes the unpleasant detergent smell from the clothes.

Suppose we talk about manoeuvring it from one place to another inside your home. This washer is equipped with a wide wheelbase fitted with big wheels, allowing you to quickly move it around to get to your desired location, and manoeuvring it into tight spaces is not a problem thanks to its lightweight body.

The in-built collar scrubber will take care of the dirty work from the collar of your favourite shirt. It's explicitly designed to remove excess dirt from your collars so you can enjoy a clean, fresh shirt every time.

Using a washing machine has never been easier with the end-of-cycle buzzer feature. After the wash is finished, the built-in buzzer alerts you to be sure all clothes are dry and ready to wear.

This washer has a handy memory retention function that helps it keep track of the washing cycle where it left off if there was a power cut.


  • Easily movable because of the 4 wheels
  • Super soak Technology cleans tough dirt and gives you an effective wash
  • With the 3 wash programs, you can manage all tasks
  • The body is sturdy and rust-free


  • The quality of the backside cover is inferior.

4. Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine -LLATWM07

You all are aware of washing machine brands like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool, but you may not have heard about the Lifelong brand. Lifelong is a young Indian brand driven by innovation, passion, and a mission to offer people great products at affordable prices. They offer all kinds of kitchen appliances and home appliances. Their customer service is good, and their products have good reviews on Amazon!

Whether a compact model or a fully automatic washing machine model, Lifelong provides that with a price point that you can never imagine.

  • This is the only fully automatic washing machine under 10000
  • You will get 2 years warranty on the product and the motor
  • The small 5kg capacity makes it a good choice for bachelors
  • Optimize performance with Fuzzy logic to measure the wash load.

The machine has 8 different wash programs that will allow you to get the most out of your wash, all of which are designed to take care of everything from your delicates to your toughest stains.

The control panel of the washing machine has many great things to offer, including a child lock system you can use while your little ones are nearby. It's specially designed for them so they can still have some fun with it without getting hurt.

With Fuzzy Logic, the Lifelong washing machine automatically programs the wash cycle based on the load and obtains the best results.

In addition to being designed with an ultra-fast motor, the washing machine runs at 700 rpm, which enables your clothes to be washed thoroughly and evenly. 

The Tub Clean Function of the Lifelong Swing 5.0 washing machine is an effective way to clean and remove the residue buildup inside the washing machine, keeping your machine looking new for longer.

The Auto-Restart option is a great help to you. It can memorize your washing program in case of a power failure. You can resume your washing when the power is back. Yes! Your favourite clothes will remain fresh and clean.


  • This automatic washing machine offers a 700rpm spin speed
  • The anti-rust free, resilient body makes it long-lasting
  • 5Kg Capacity is ideal for bachelors and couples
  • Most affordable fully automatic washing machine


  • The 5 kg capacity is too small comparted to its competitors

5. Haier 8 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine -HTW80-1128BT

If there's one household item that is necessary in all homes, it's the washing machine. If you are looking for a washing machine that fits your budget, Haier is the best brand to offer. The brand provides both world-renowned and affordable washing machines with brilliantly designed technology.

  • The Capacity of 8 kg will make it ideal for small and medium households
  • The 1300 rpm spin speed ensures fast drying
  • It offers 3 number of wash programs for all kinds of fabrics
  • By using the Magic Filter, you can keep the inside clean and fresh
  • It comes with a smart water level selection mode

The Haier washing machine is designed to help you save time. It is equipped with a Cross Pulsator that creates a perfect motion for more robust water flow while also being gentle on your delicate clothes.

 This washer features an End of Cycle Buzzer that sounds when the wash cycle is complete. It's useful because it notifies you of completing your load when you might be preoccupied with something else. 

It uses high-speed Spray Technology to clean and rinse your clothes. The water flows in two different directions, combining to make one high-pressure stream that cleans and rinses more efficiently than an average washer. Now you can have clean clothes every time.

Get back to enjoying your day without worrying about your wet clothes. With Wind Dry technology, excess water and moisture are removed from your clothes after a wash cycle, making it easier to dry your damp clothes faster. With continuous washing of clothes, the clothes produce fluffs and lint over a period, leading to clogging of the drain pipe. The magic filter in this washing machine catches the lint and removes them from the machine.

Haier features an attractive, durable, toughened glass lid that is tough, safe, and easy to handle. It also has a reflective finish which will give an appealing accent to your house.


  • It offers a decent washing quality
  • Clothes dry faster thanks to the 1300 rpm spin speed
  • When the cycle is over, a buzzer alerts you.
  • It comes with toughened glass lid
  • Wash dry feature removes excess water


  • The model does not come with a movable wheel

6. Samsung 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine -WT667QPNDPGXTL

Samsung is dedicated to making your life easier. From appliances that make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient to home electronics and cell phones that keep you connected, they help you make the most of your time at home. 

Here, we will talk about the Samsung WT667QPNDPGXTL washing machine. It comes with a capacity of 6.5 kg, which is apt both for bachelors and couples.

  • The 6.5 kg capacity is perfect for small families.
  • Double storm Technology offers better washing results
  • This Samsung model is rated five stars in Energy Efficiency
  • Its caster wheels allow it to be moved easily.

Samsung has added a Scrub Board to this washing machine for those tough stains such as grease and dirt from the kitchen. The Scrub Board helps remove stubborn stains gently and effectively.

You don't need to worry about rust and corrosion damaging your washing machine. The washing machine is made from high-quality plastic that is rust and corrosion-resistant, which makes it durable. It can last for a long time without losing its new look.

Unlike traditional washing machines, Samsung offers an In-Built Buzzer packed inside its washing machine that lets you know when cycles are complete with an audible alert. This helps you manage your time more efficiently and reduces the chance you'll forget about your load in the washer.

With the in-built lint filter, you will enjoy cleaner clothes and a softer feel, and your pipes will stay clear, enabling you to have a more efficient wash cycle. 

Samsung's patented Air Turbo Dry System guarantees that wet clothes and blankets can dry even faster. The air intake vent ensures a more thorough rotation and draws in more air to remove excess moisture.


  • Robust and lightweight plastic body
  • The body is made of corrosion-resistant plastic.
  • Samsung's after-sales service is top-notch
  • Offers excellent wash results
  • Generates low noise during wash operation


  • You can only choose between heavy and regular wash

7. Godrej 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine-WS AXIS 7.0 PN2 T WNRD

If you are looking for a washing machine that gives you the best value for your money, then you should consider this Godrej 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine. This is a top-rated washing machine that employs a 7 Kg load.

It also has a powerful motor to deliver more power for its three wash programs. This washing machine is one of the fastest washing machines, with a spin speed of 1400 rpm.

  • The dryer's 1440 rpm spin rate provides excellent drying.
  • Small families will appreciate the 7 kg capacity of the washing machine.
  • It comes with a robust and powerful 440watt motor
  • You will get three wash programs with this model those are Gentle, Normal & Strong
  • The polypropylene plastic body is excellent in the long run.

Have you heard of the Make in India campaign? Of Course, you have, then you can promote it by buying Godrej products as Godrej products are manufactured in GreenCo Platinum Plus rated factories in India.

The 440w powerful motor provides a thorough cleaning and smooth functioning. Its vast loading capacity and high load tolerance make washing everyday clothes, beddings, and blankets easy.

Your washer is designed to wash faster and with better results. Now the unique Spin shower feature is designed to bathe your clothes with a stream of water falling from the top like a waterfall to help remove stains and dirt. It has a cartridge lint filter for collecting dirty lint when you do laundry.

Additionally, an Active Soak feature is available in this model to extract hard stains with maximum effectiveness.

Regarding the built quality, Godrej does not compromise with this department as the washer has been made with a high-quality corrosion-resistant polypropylene body which offers long-lasting durability.


  • It offers a decent spin speed
  • The active soak effectively removes stains
  • It is simple and easy to operate
  • Offers five years warranty on motor


  • Power consumption is a little higher

8. Onida 8.0 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine -S80SCTR

This Onida Washing Machine is perfect for a large family. As you can see, this washing machine offers an 8 kg load capacity, and unlike other washing machines, it provides enough Capacity to wash even bulky clothes at a similar price range. 

Plus, you can choose your perfect settings between Gentle, Normal, and Strong wash cycles. So you can make sure your favorite clothes are clean and fresh for longer.

  • This is perfect for large families with an 8 Kg capacity.
  • The maximum spin speed of 1350 rpm is suitable for quick drying
  • It is energy efficient due to its five-star BEE rating.
  • An inbuilt brush feature makes Indian clothes as easy to wash as if by hand.

The Onida Air Dry technology gives you a machine that dries your clothes quickly and gently. It's perfect for those of us who like to wash our clothes frequently and do not want to put them in the dryer.

If we talk about the motor of this washer. Onida has implemented a powerful motor that generates powerful water flow action to ensure better cleaning and faster drying of your clothes without any damage to the fabric.

This machine's magic filter ensures a better collection of lint irrespective of water level or laundry load. Nothing can escape its filter, as it thoroughly cleanses your clothes and makes them soft to wear.

With Onida's top load washing machine, you no longer have to worry about rust. It's made of thick, durable, anti-rust fiber that is engineered to last longer. 

Onida Washing machine allows you to brush away grime as It has an innovative in-built brush cleaner that simulates a hand brush's action. It works like magic and even cleans stubborn stains like jam and ketchup better than hand washing.


  • The 1350-rpm maximum spin speed is always an advantage
  • The lint filter makes sure lint is removed
  • The wash quality is good
  • It is economical considering the 8 kg capacity
  • Inbuilt brush provides an excellent advantage in washing


  • The drum and outer body is a little fragile

9. LG 6 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine -P6001RG

LG is one of the most preferred home appliance brands in the Indian market. The brand has long been supplying advanced quality washing machines with simple and easy-to-use features to Indian customers. The reasons for LG's success in the Indian market are its wide range of quality products at competitive prices along with reliable after-sales service and improved quality and efficiency.

  • It has a capacity of 6 kg, so it is best suited for small families.
  • The dryer has a spin speed of 1350, which ensures quick drying
  • The roller jet pulsator washes your clothes thoroughly
  • It has three wash programs which are Gentle, Normal, Strong

LG's innovative washing machine features an easy-to-use design that takes minimal effort. It operates effectively on a low water and energy expenditure and is easy to maintain. 

The spin shower system present in the LG washing machine gives your dirty clothes a deep wash while taking care of the delicate fabrics. It washes off soap residue to leave your laundry sparklingly clean.

Rats have been a nuisance for many generations. To put an end to this, LG introduced Rat Away Technology in its washing machines, which keeps rodents away and your clothes clean.

LG has included an in-built collar scrubber in this washing machine. The inbuilt scrubber helps you to remove stubborn collar stains effortlessly from your shirt collars. With this in-built feature, you can enjoy cleaner collars every time you do laundry.

The lint collector does its job very efficiently. It catches the excess lint and fluffs or fallen hairs from clothes as they are washed inside the drum and then removes them.


  • LG always provides the best wash experience
  • A two-year manufacturer warranty covers the product.
  • Rat repellent technology implemented
  • Buy and use it directly without installation.
  • 15 minutes Wash Timer is a handy option.


  • The washer makes some noise

10. Croma 7.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine-CRAW2223

This Croma 7.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine uses minimal water and energy consumption while providing better energy efficiency. Intended for easy use and long-lasting durability, this machine is made for use by everyone.

  • For families with 5 to 6 members, the 7.5 kg capacity is perfect.
  • The washer comes with a single water inlet system for washing clothes and spinning.
  • Croma offers 2 years warranty on the product
  • In-built Active Soak Function does soak the clothes before washing
  • With its three programs, normal, gentle, and heavy, it washes most fabrics with ease.

When you close the lid of the CRAW2223, it's going to be shut down softly, and it will not hurt your hand. The lid material makes sure that it will not rust and will serve you for a long time.

You can get spotless clothes in the fastest possible time using the Croma machine. With its advanced spiral Pulsator, get your clothes inside the Croma machine quickly and gently without creasing or damaging them.

We hate having to manage two water inlets, one for both wash and spin tubs. Croma has now addressed the issue of managing two separate water inlets by making their washing machine have one water inlet for both the wash and spin tubs.

Its Super Magic Filter traps the dirt and cleans lint from any kind of clothes, no matter how dirty they are. You can wash any kinds of clothes with this machine without worrying about lint or dirt.

The in-built buzzer sound from Croma washing machines lets you know that your wash cycle is complete. This way, you can spend more time with family and friends than listening to the buzzer. 

Featuring an elegant white-colored design and loads of powerful features, this Croma Washing Machine will serve you with outstanding performance and power.


  • The spin tub has a capacity of 5 kg
  • One of the most liked products on Amazon
  • 1300 rpm spin speed for quick dry
  • Features a glass lid that closes softly
  • You can adjust the legs according to your convenience


  • Spin tubs only make a bit of noise if it's not balanced correctly.

FAQ for Washing Machine under INR 10000

  1. Are agitators bad for clothes?

    Agitators can be harmful to your clothes. Agitators are often used to mix clothes during the washing cycle and can often cause clothes to become tangled or knotted together.

  2. What's the difference between impeller washers and agitator washers?

    Washers with impellers use a spinning disc that rubs clothes against each other on the way to a clean. agitator washers have a horizontal cylindrical rod that is attached to the center of the bottom of the tub, producing the spinning action.

  3. How long should a washing machine last?

    It depends on the quality of the machine. The general guideline is that a washing machine should last a decade or more, but you should consider how you will use it to come up with an answer.

  4. Which Is the best washing machine brands in India?

    There are many brands available on Amazon. Some of the top brands include Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Bosch, IFB, and Haier.

  5. Should I spend more money on a fully-automatic machine than one that is semi-automatic?

    You should always go for a fully automatic washing machine than a semi-automatic as fully automatic washing machines are more convenient to use and they do all the washing process without you having to do anything about it.


We know what you’re thinking: you seems confused in your quest to pick the best washing machine under 10000. But guess what—you don’t have to! Our pick for the best washing machine under 10000 is Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM 7.0 washing machine . You see, this machine doesn’t just spin your clothes dry; it effectively cleans them, too. With three washing cycles to choose from (including delicate wash program), you can customize your wash to exactly what you need plus you it has a 5 star energy ratings which undoubtly making this one of the best energy efficient washing machine in this bracket.

We have also considered factors like warranty, wash quality, spin speed, load capacity, and more and found that Whirlpool superm atom 7.0 is a very good option for you. That does not mean that other 9 washing machines are not so good. We want you to go through all the pros and cons of each product so that you can clearly understand your needs and choose the best washing machine under 10000.

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