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13 Best Washing Machine in India (2021)

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Want to buy the best washing machine available online in India. Then Read this unbiased washing machine buying guide to find out the right washing machine for you and your family. Here you will discover the best washing machines available in India, and our buying guide will provide you with valuable consumer information about washing machines.

Gone are the times when women in India were found with their nighties tied at their waist, huddled over a stone,  or worse, a bucket and a brush, wet with splashes of water at every step of washing never-ending drums of nighties, shirts, husband's formals, and children's heavy pinafores after class, the lists of dirty clothes can go on. 

Today, thanks to the advancement in technologies, especially in the washing machine industry, and with that the number of good lists of reviews on washing machines in new series from popular brands and washing machine manufacturers in India, we are left spoilt for choice with regard to our abilities to spend our mornings with the laundry load. 

And no matter what you choose, one thing remains true without doubts. No longer are you going to be found in a situation of depression where you are in your bathroom, imprisoned in between all those buckets and wet clothes and a noisy tap, all the while shouting out orders in the presence of your husband on the phone and kids with never-ending lists of pranks. 

Thanks to International brands of washing machines like Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, and well, we shall explore more of these names a little further down the line, (companies of Indian washing machines too)today you have the washing machine working quietly away, at least comparatively while you go ahead and enjoy an excellent washing experience. 

That being said, here are thirteen of the best washing machine models of 2021machines in India from different companies that someone looking for preferences of a washing machine can read lists of reviews on. Because yes, today, it's not only about cleanliness and getting your laundry done faster but about a lot more, especially with functionality and flexibility that make big differences. Read on to know. Following are the thirteen machines in India, front loading as well as top loading with all their unique technologies that you can have a look at for some differences in your washing experience: 

List of the Best Washing Machine in India

1. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loader Machine - WA65A4002VS/TL

best washing machine

First in our list of products is Samsung. Now, if you live in an area in India that gets little or no sunlight, and tend to wear a lot of formals and other delicate clothes, this could be the Samsung model that you would want to have a look at. 

The Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL is a fully automatic top loading washing machine with a capacity of about 6.5 kgs, which makes it ideal for medium-sized families with their load of clothes. This Samsung washing machine has a stylish design and advanced technology with a tempered glass window and an LED controlled panel. 

This product comes with the Centre Jet technology for an effective wash. Apart from this, you have a choice of six wash programs to enjoy a customizable wash, according to the type of fabric you pop into the drum in each wash cycle and types of stains you want to remove.

The high RPM spin speed coupled with the Turbo Wash feature and the Monsoon mode make this Samsung washing machine a good choice for our Monsoons in cities like India. 

Apart from this, the machine also comes with a lint filter and a Diamond drum, so if you have a lot of delicate clothes and formal black pants to wash, this could be the Samsung model for you. 

Six Wash Programs - This machine comes with six wash modes that include normal, quick wash, delicates, saok+normal, energy-saving and finally an eco tub clean program to clean your tub. So, you have greater washing efficiency with varying degrees. 

A Modern Design - The machine comes with modern features that include an LED display and tempered glass window. 

Digital Inverter Technology - With the Digital inverter technology, Samsung uses the inverter motor. Its inverter motor is not a noisy motor due to its low vibration. It also saves electricity.

A Powerful Wash - This machine is built with the Centre Jet technology, which gives a excellent wash quality to remove all residues. 

Effective Drying - Apart from a high spinning speed of 680 RPM, this machine comes with an Air Turbo feature and the Monsoon mode, all of which contribute to quick and effective drying, especially important in a country like India. 

Diamond Drum - Apart from six wash programs that you can choose from, you also have the Diamond Drum. These are drums that are designed to provide a gentle wash to your wash load and prevent any damage to clothes in the process of cleaning. 

Magic Filter - Finally, there is a Magic Filter, that provides quality and cleaner wash and powerful filtration to prevent the problem of lint. So, you don't have to bother about lint removal.


  • Traps even the smallest dirt particle to ensure an effective wash and hygiene. 
  • Dries clothes faster, with an India-specific mode to reduce drying time in the Indian monsoons, reducing the time by 30 percent. 
  • Comes with advanced technologies that make the machine easy to use and maintain. 
  • Provides a customizable wash that makes it ideal for all kinds of fabric from delicate shawls to heavy blankets and curtains. 
  • Ideal for washing delicate and expensive clothes. 


  • A disadvantage is that this machine has high noise levels and may not be good for a neighborhood in India where houses are close together.

2. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - SUPERB ATOM 7.0

Next in line is the Whirlpool Superb Atom from one of the popular series that you can find on Amazon India. If high-quality wash and perfection are what you look for when you do your laundry, then this is a model that could give you what you want. So, for all those who want to do their bit of scrubbing, which is common among women in India, this machine includes technologies and excellent features to make scrubbing more comfortable for you. 

Unlike the Samsung machine above, the Whirlpool Superb Atom is one of the semi-automatic top loading machines in this list with a capacity of 7 kgs that makes it ideal for medium sized families of about five to six members. Another convenient feature of this machine is that it is designed with a tray that you can easily place at the mouth at the time of sorting. 

This machine comes with a high efficiency motor and an impeller that sends clothes in different directions for just the kind of quality wash they need. So, if you have kids who arrive home with stained uniforms often, perhaps this could be the right washing machine for such a condition. 

Added to this is are a couple of other technologies and special features that assist in a thorough process of washing. 

The machine also comes with a high spinning speed of 1450 RPM to provide effective drying.

Smart Scrub Station - This is designed to keep you from bending in the process of scrubbing, with a flow back design to send all the water droplets and detergent back into the tub, ideal for women in India. 

Auto Restart Function - This is a mechanism that allows the machine to pick up from exactly the same point that it stopped in cases of inconveniences like a power cut. 

Easy Operation - The waterproof touch panel, as the name suggests, keeps water droplets from seeping inside. The machine also makes sorting clothes after a wash easy with a multi-utility tray with vents that send water and detergent residue back into the wash tub for convenience. 

A Powerful Wash - The effectiveness of the machine comes with a 340 W motor to roll clothes around powerfully and an impeller that provides just the right kind of motion for an effective wash quality. 

Supersoak Technology - This feature soaks your clothes actively for a period of 25 minutes, thus getting rid of all stubborn stains.


  • Provides a powerful and effective wash quality. 
  • Ideal for areas that are prone to frequent power cuts, common in India, thanks to the auto restart function.  
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Gives you a comfortable and pleasant laundry experience. This makes it ideal for those who suffer from issues like back aches. 
  • Ideal for cleaning with large volumes of water


  • Cleaning the machine can be a challenge
  • The drying function can pose problems at time. 

3. IFB 6 kg 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine - Diva Aqua SX

Let us now take a look at a model from IFB. If you are looking for a quality washing machine that is modern, not just in design and look but also with regard to the features, then here is the IFB Diva Aqua SX for you. 

This one is for all those looking for a fully automatic machine with advanced features to make laundry pleasant and effective. This front loading washing machine machine comes with a capacity of 6 kgs, which again, makes it a good choice for medium-sized families. 

This model comes with a 2D wash system that provides a thorough soaking and a clean wash. Apart from this, you get to save water, save energy and save detergent too. The spinning speed is also sufficiently high at 800 RPM, giving you a fairly efficient and quick drying. 

The best part about the machine is that it is built with all the latest technology to make your life much easier. You are spared from various hassles like clothes getting damaged in the wash process, detergent getting wasted and so on. 

With 15 wash programs and some modern features, here is a model that will give all your expensive clothes all the care that they need. 


Aqua Energie - The Aqua Energie system works on hard water, converting the bicarbonates in the water into crystals so that detergents can dissolve properly. As a result, your clothes get a soft wash and every fiber of your clothes is safe from harm. 

Cresent Moon Drum - These drums are devices designed with Cresent-shaped grooves that prevents clothes from getting in touch with the surface and getting damaged. These are normally found in modern washing machines. 

2D Wash System - The washing machine comes with a shower nozzles facility in the washer that effectively sprays water to soak clothes for a thorough and quick wash and rinse. 

Ball Valve Technology - This feature ensures that the detergent stays in while the water flows out in order to prevent any wastage and save water at all times. 

Auto Balance and Laundry Add - With this washing machine in your house, you can add clothes into the drum even after the wash process has begun. The machine can easily detect and redistribute the clothes for a perfect balance and a consistent wash. 


  • Prevents damage of fabrics and suitable for delicate clothes
  • Provides a powerful and quality wash with a quick spin
  • Provides effective cleaning and gets rid of all lint, detergent and other particles
  • Lets you load and reload clothes into the tub even after the cycle has begun.


  • This washing machine lacks an LED display because of which you cannot control things like the timer and the temperature. So, there could be errors here. 


  • Blends well with modern interiors
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for small houses in India


  • The machine has limited mobility and can't be moved around with ease.

4. Godrej 6 Kg 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine -WTEON 600 AD 5.0 ROGR

And now, we look at a machine from Godrej. Now, this is for all those who are looking for something affordable. The model comes with all the basic features required for a decent experience. The design of this machine is modern with a few advanced features too that you are going to like. 

The Godrej WTEON is a, fully automatic top loading machine with a capacity of 6 kgs that makes it a good choice for medium sized families in India. 

The machine comes with a decent spinning speed of 700 RPM with an aquajet pulsator, so drying your clothes is convenient too. And then with nine wash programs you can customize the kind of wash you want. 

Apart from this, model also includes a few advanced features like a gravity drum, a digital panel, a tub clean feature and a toughened glass lid.

So, all in all, you have a machine that makes washing easy, takes care of your clothes and is durable and easy to handle and maintain. And all this at an affordable price. 

Customizable  - Gives you a choice of 9 Wash Programs that you can choose from according to the kind of clothes you pop in

Effective Spinning - At 700 RPM, the spin speed is sufficiently good and can make for effective spinning when coupled with the Aquajet Pulsator that makes a better dryer.

Modern Design - This machine is modern with a customizable digital panel with toughened glass lid

Easy Maintenance - The machine includes tub clean feature for easy cleaning


  • The machine is not just easy to clean and maintain but to use too. 
  • Spinning clothes is faster and easier


  • It lacks an option for separate wash 

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHM1006ADW, White, Direct Drive Technology) 

Here is another fully automatic front loading washing machine that you may want to consider buying from Amazon LG. If you are looking for a machine that gives your clothes a fast and clean wash, this could be the one for you. The machine lets you load clothes from the front and has a decent capacity of 6.0kg. By using features like the smart diagnosis and time delay, you can make this machine easy to work with and friendly with your schedule, especially if you are someone who has a lot of juggling and running around to do. Cleaning the tub is easy as this machine comes with a tub clean feature to reduce your time and effort after a long morning of chores. 

Fast Drying - Thanks to a very high spinning speed of 1000 RPM, you get to enjoy effective spinning

Customizable Washing - This machine comes with 10 wash programs, giving you a wide range of options to wash different kinds of fabrics

6 Motion Technology - With its patented 6-Motion technology, LG washing machines can throw the most stubborn stains out with ease by moving the drum in multiple directions. It’s an appliance with innovative features you’ll find hard to resist.

Kid friendly - The machine comes with features that can be used for kids clothes and even include a child lock for safety

Convenient features - This machine includes various useful features like time delay and smart diagnosis. It is also easy to operate and maintain with features like the auto start engine and tub clean. 


  • Good wash quality with gentle care
  • Ideal for regions with less sunlight
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Safe for homes with kids
  • Ideal for washing baby clothes with extra care
  • Ideal for women in India with busy schedules


  • The machine can make a lot of noise.

Intex 6.2 Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - WMS62TL

For a semi-automatic, top loading machine, you can have a look at this model from Intex. If you are concerned about the look of your washing machine and would like to buy something that blends with your interiors, this Intex washing machine could be a good choice for you.

This model comes with a capacity of 6.2 kgs, making it suitable for bachelors and small sized families. This machine doesn't come with too many features to figure.

Overall, we can say that if you look for a machine that is simple, affortable and decent to have in your home while performing its basic function, this one from Intex could be a good choice for you. 

Two wash programs - You have two wash programs that you can choose from, a gentle one for your delicate clothes and a normal one for the rest

Capacity of 6.2 kgs - This machine is a good choice for medium sized families of about five members.

Simple plastic body - This makes the machine lightweight and essy to move around the house

Has a sleek and modern design - You can be assured that the machine will easy blend with your home space


  • Blends well with modern interiors
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for small houses in India


  • The machine has limited mobility and can't be moved around with ease.

Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - Ace Supreme Plus

One of the most dreaded moments of washing is sorting. The sight of all those tangled wet clothes can make any other chore look welcome.  But not with this washing machine. 

Are you the kind that often comes home with stained shirts? Then, this machine could be just for you. This one, is a top-loading washing machine with a fairly large capacity that makes it a good choice for medium-sized families in India.

If you are someone who is by now fed up of using lint removers and other equipment each time you get those formal black pants, maybe this model could be an ideal choice and the end of your lint problems.


Inbuilt scrubber - For those who believe that all clothes need a good  scrub, you are spared from the manual effort

Supersoak technology - This is a feature that soaks your clothes effectively for better wash quality

A multi-utililty tray - The machine has a tray on which you can place your clothes and sort them out in a comfortable standing position

Includes a lint filter - Hate having to deal with lint? You won't have to anymore as this machine has a feature that does it all for you.

5 Year Warranty - You can be sure that the machine will last you for at least half a decade down the line, ensuring durability.


  • Good choice for those who are particular about scrubbing clothes, common in India
  • Convenient for dark clothes
  • Makes sorting of clothes in compartments easy
  • Has a technology to remove even tough stains


  • The machine has a plastic body and hence may not be very durable 

Bosch 7 KG Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - WAJ2426SIN

For those looking for a fully automatic front loading washing machine here is one from Bosch that you may find convenient. If you are someone who wears a lot of formal shirts, this Bosch automatic washing machine could be a convenient choice for you. It also makes ironing is fast and easy.

This is a fully-automatic front loading washing machine with a fairly good capacity of 7 kgs. If you are someone highly concerned about hygene, this washing machine could please you as it provides 99.99 percent bacterial reduction. This way you pull out clothes that are not just spic and span by hygenic too. 

Also, it ensures a quiet operation that makes it a good choice if you have kids or the elderly who need to take frequent naps in the house. Apart from this, the machine greatly reduces heat and wear, so if you want a washing machine that is durable and stays with you for long, this could be one of the choices for you to consider. 

Again, if time is a factor, this front loader washing machine helps you get your laundry done faster. 

Wrinkle Free - Includes a feature to prevent wrinkles, so ironing will  now be much easier and less time consuming

99.99 percent bacterial reduction - This machine is a good choice for all those baby clothes as it gives you clothes that are sterile and free from germs

Built with a friction free motor - And for this reason, the machine has a quiet operation

SpeedPerfect feature - Thanks to this, the machine reduces cleaning speed by 65 percent

ActiveWater - And wth this, the machine ensures the right intake of water


  • Gentle on all fabrics so your clothes have fewer wrinkles at the end of the wash.
  • Ensures hygiene
  • Reduces the effort of ironing
  • This Bosch machine has a quiet operation
  • A good choice for busy women in India
  • Prevents wastage of water, making it a good choice in India


  • Finding spare parts may be a challenge with regard to this Bosch machine

LG 6.5 Kgs n4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine - P6510NBAY

Now, if all you are looking for is a simple semi-automatic machine, here is one from Amazon LG that you would probably want to have a look at. This is a semi-automatic machine with a capacity of 6.5 kgs that makes it a good budget choice for small to medium-sized families in India.

This machine is durable and will last you for a fairly long time. What's more, if you live in an area in India that is prone to rats, this could be a good model for you to consider. 

If dark clothes: suits, blazers and formal pants tend to go into your machine often, you would perhaps find this washing machine more convenient. 

Again, if you are the kind that is frequently found in shirts and other formals, you get shirts with absolutely clean cuffs and collars. 

LG's semi-automatic machines feature a roller jet pulsator to provide excellent washing results. 

Rat Repellent - The machine has a covering that keeps rats away, making a good choice for rat infested areas

Includes 3 wash programs- Offers you a decent number of options for a customizable wash

Includes a lint filter-  So, you can say goodbye to the problem of lint

A collar scrubber - This makes the machine a good choice shirts and other such formal outfits


  • Reduced harm from pests, making it a good choice in India
  • Lets you customize your wash according to the fabric
  • Keeps lint away with effective filtration
  • Has a feature to especially clean your cuffs and collars. 


  • The machine has a plastic body and hence may not be very sturdy

Onida 7 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Here is another model from Onida for all those who are looking for a fully automatic machine. This one comes with a capacity of 7 kgs and is designed to load clothes from the top. This machine is a good choice for medium-sized families in India.  If you have a variety of fabrics in your wardrobe, you would perhaps find this machine useful to have at home. This washing comes with modern features set to make handling and operating smooth and easy. This way, managing your laundry between chores will be much easier. You can easily keep a track on the time that will appear on the digital display. The one-touch operation makes things much easier. You can get the machine started with just a single touch. 


8 Wash Programs - So you could choose the one that would be good with the kind of clothes you load in the load.

Air dryer - This is to remove moisture and make drying quick and easy. 

Anti-rust and Shock proof body - This will go a long way in making the machine durable

Advanced Crystal Drum technology - So, you can be assured that your clothes are safe and free from damage

Digital display with one-touch operation - These modern features make the machine pleasant to operate and handle


  • Offers a customizable wash so delicate clothes are going to be free from damage. 
  • Dries your clothes to reduce the time under the sun, spares you from having clothes hanging for hours on the clothesline.
  • Durable, shockproof and prevents rust from collecting
  • Washes effectively without damaging any fabric
  • Easy to operate


  • Lacks a couple of innovative features that modern machines have. 

Midea 7Kg Garment Sterilisation Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine - MWMFL070GBFS

And yet another machine from a brand called Midea for all those looking to buy a fully automatic machine.  If you are worried about a washing machine adding to your monthy bills, this model makes your work easier without this added problem. The washing machine is built to help in less energy consumption, thus assuring you that you get to see decent bills at the end of the month.

This machine comes with a modern design which means you get to manage its operation on an LED display. Also, if you are someone who tends to load many clothes into the machine, or tends to load a lot of heavy clothes in the machine, this model is one that you would probably find favourable. 

This one is for those who want a front load model. The machine comes with a capacity of 7 kgs. If you often get your clothes stained, here is good news. This washing machine comes with a drum that sends a jet of spraying water in wash process, giving your clothes a gentle and thorough wash. 

If shortage of water is a problem in your area, you may want to consider getting this washing machine, as you can consume as less water in the wash process for a guilt-free washing experience. 


Infinity Baby Care feature

Built-in rib drum that plays an effective role in removing stains

Less energy consumption

LED Display

A Large Door Frame

1100 RPM Motor

An overall of 16 wash options for a perfect customisation according to your needs and requirements at the moment

Consumes an overall of 28 liters in a single wash 

Includes program setting


Infinity Baby Care feature - This makes it ideal for washing kids clothes.

Less energy consumption - This makes it suitable for areas of water shortage as the water consumption is low and minimal.

LED Display - This makes monitoring the wash time, function, speed and temperature much more easier. 

A Large Door Frame- So you can smoothly load in all that you want without a struggle

Includes program setting - Saving your settings is easy. Just press and hold the speed button for about three seconds and it gets saved for your future washing cycle


1100 RPM Motor. Because motors play an important role in a machine.

Built in rib drum that plays an effective role in removing stains

An overall of 16 wash options for a perfect customisation according to your needs and requirements at the moment

Consumes an overall of 28 liters in a single wash 


The machine is bulky anv difficult to move around

MarQ Twin Shower Technology Machines

Again, here is a top load washing machine for you if effective cleaning is your priority. This is a fully automatic machine from MarQ that is not just ideal for an effective cleaning but is easy to handle and maintain too. 


Twin Tower technology - So, here, you wash with more water and a thorough cleansing

Scrub Rub Drum - The drum is designed with wave like grooves for an effective scrubbing action

Fuzzy Logic - This helps to detect just the right amount of water and optimum washing cycle time. 

10 wash programs - This makes for a custumizable wash

Smart digital waterproof - The LED control panel with rich features

Rust proof stainless steel tub so the machine is spared from corrosion.

Built to withstand humidity

Tub clean program

Auto pause and resume function that gears easily after a power failure. So, frequent power cuts are not a constraint. 


Produces a lot of lather for an effective cleansing

Sends water in a swirling motion for a scrubbing action

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics from delicate shawls to thick blankets

Easy to handle and maintain

Suitable for Indian weather



A wareer level indicator would be very helpful

Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal

And finally, for all those who want a fully automatic machine from Whirlpool, here is the Whirlpool Whitemagic Royale that comes with a capacity of 6.2 kgs, making it suitable for medium sized families. 

12 wash programs - So, you have a wide range of wash options for a customizable wash

Spa wash system -  This can be very helpful if you want to reduce the formation of lint

Power Scrub Technology - With three springs, the machine ensures that your clothes get an effective wash

Smart Technology - With sixth sense to remove all dirt, you can be confident that your clothes are absolutely clean

ZPF Technology - And this makes for fast tub filling to save your time

Express wash - Finally, this can help to save energy consumption


  • Blends well with modern interiors
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for small houses in India


  • The machine has limited mobility and can't be moved around with ease.

Buying Guide for Washing Machine

Now that you know the different models for you, all that is left is to choose one and get it from Amazon after reading a few review posts from users on different products, but not really. While you have a number of washing machine brands, there is also a lot to consider, like innovative technologies, smart features like 3D wash system, spin shower feature, auto-balance system, types of clothes you wash and fabric types, what you need to make washing clothes easy, what category of spin speeds you want, and so on. How much money are you willing to spend, how about durability, warranty, capacities, washing process, variations, rotations, in-built heaters, reload functions, clean function, air bubble wash, cradle wash, wobble technology, German technology, 6-motion direct drive technology, belts, child lock and so on. Let us look at a few of this here. Yes, thanks to improved technology, today you have machines with exciting features, like powerful motors (that work better than conventional motors), good water filters, spacious units, better vibration levels, variable speeds, faster spin cycles, stronger child lock, an ace wash station, 

Capacity -  The capacity of a washing machine is a feature that we normally tend to overlook but this can indeed be a major mistake. Washing machine capacities are usually measured in kilos, so to avoid confusion, this is what we too will do in the course of this article. 

Machines come in various sizes and capacities from the average ones of about 5 kgs to those that are so large they can give you a capacity of 10 kgs. 

However, jumping to buy the latter just because you are of the opinion that you will never have to face a problem with space may not be a very wise decision. Machine with capacities that do not go with your needs can give you problems of its own, no matter how good the rest of the features are. 

Buy a machine that is too big  for your daily washing needs can be a disadvantage as you are going to end up wasting water and electricity. On the other hand, putting up with a washing machine that is too small for your daily needs will lead you doing laundry everyday. 

So,here are a few details that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the capacity of your machine. 

1. What is the Size of Your Laundry - In other words, this means the number of people you have in the house.

So, if you are a large family of five of six members, or if you run a hostel or paying guest accommodation, then perhaps a large machine will keep you from having to load a second and third time in the washtub.

On the other hand, if you are a bachelor, or just a small family of three, it would be of more convenience to go for a machine with a smaller capacity of 6 kgs. 

2. How often do you plan to wash - Now, you may be a small family but you wouldn't want to be spending each morning with the laundry. In that case, you can go for the large capacity machine so you can conveniently reserve all that laundry for the weekend. 

On the other hand, you may be a large family of six but you are the kind that likes to get the laundry done every day. In that case, you would probably not have many clothes going into the basket and a machine with a medium sized capacity would suffice for you. 

3. The Kind of Fabric You Have - Having a lot of delicate and expensive clothes is another things that makes the capacity of the machine an important feature to consider. Why so? Because you can't afford to get these clothes tangling over each other in the washing cycle. A large machine, on the other hand, gives these clothes ample space to move around so there is lesser chances of tangles and knots and all your party wear outfits can come out in a decent state. 

Then, there is also the kind of items that you wash that can matter. If bedsheets and blankets often go into your laundry basket, then you would be better off with a large capacity machine, even if you are a bachelor. But if all you wash are jeans, cotton shirts and the like on a daily basis, then an ordinary capacity would be a decent choice for you. 

Build quality

No, the build does not just refer to and determine the design and how the machine looks but a lot more that can affect your daily laundry and perhaps even the longevity of your machine, so let us get serious and have a deeper look into this feature too. 

While all you may see at a glance is a body, you would know that a machine comes with many parts each of which can have a role to play in the washing cycle. So, let us look at each of them: 

The Drum - Also, known as the tubs, a wash drum is one of the biggest parts of the machine and is an important feature to consider when buying one. Drums come in different materials like stainless steel, porcelain and even plastic. And you already know which is the best.

Stainless steel drums will go a long way in making your w

machinedurable so if you have to choose between this and a drum of any other material, go for it. Another great advantage of the stainless steel drums is that they take good care of your clothes. Today, a lot of them come with special technologies which we shall have a look at later. So, at the end of the day, your clothes are thoroghly cleaned you don't have to worry about damage too. 

However, if you are looking for something that is easy to clean and maintain, you could perhaps go for a machine that is built with a plastic drum. Plastic drums do get corroded so if you have the problem of hard water in your area, this could be the choice for you. Moreover, machines with plastic drums are also economical and so could be good if you want something within a budget. 

The Body - Another thing that most worry about when it comes to large appliances like a machine is the durability. And this mainly depends upon the body of your washing machine. 

Today, you have a lot of machine that come with rust proof bodies like the Onida 5 Star Fully automatic machine. So, you won't have to worry about your machine getting old and ugly in time. And then, the body is sturdy and shock proof so hazards and accidents won't easily cause a problem to the machine. 


Inverter Technology

Machines from different companies today, come woth many moderm features, and smart inverter drive technology motors is one among them. We shall have a closer look at this feature here. 

No, this is not a machine that is made to run on your home inverter. Well, maybe so, but that is not what this feature is meant to mean. This, on the other hand, is much more than that. It is a technology that helps you save power in the process of your washing cycle. 

The inverter technology, in order to be better understood, can be compared to the accelerator of a car. You accelerate, and there is a supply of more fuel to make the car go at faster speeds. If you want to slow down, you need to reduce the speed of the accelerator. It is the same case here. 

So, on days when you are not really in a hurry and want to save energy consumption, you make use of the inverter technology and reduce the speeds. This way, you go easy on your electricity and don't have to dread the amount you see on your monthly bill. Sounds good?

Another benefit of having machine with the inverter technology is that it can detect the load of clothes inside, and adjust the unbalanced clothes likewise. This can be very useful as we do not load our washing to the brim on all days. 

This is mainly done by sensors that are inbuilt in the machine that can easily optimize the speeds and thus the consumption of electricity by the machine. 

And wait, the best is yet to come. Machines with the inverter drive technology don't make a lot of noise. So, this could be an added benefit if you have an elder or a baby or would just be better off with a washing machine that is louder than the morning news on TV. 

All said and done, the greatest advantage of a machine with an inverter drive technology is the amount of energy consumption, with the reduced speeds, so if you are someone who cares for the environment, you would perhaps want to go for this. 

Direct drive technology

Okay, now let's have a look at the direct drive technology. Some machines come with the Smart inverter motors technology that is directly connected to the drum. As there are no belts, pulleys and other mechanical parts, the energy consumption is much lesser. 

The friction caused by these additional mechanical and the disturbance that accompanies them is now reduced. And as a result you have a machine that is more efficient. Electricity gets saved in the process and there is much lesser noise. 

Some of these machines can even be controlled with the help of a smartphone. So if you are a busy housewife with chores to do in an out of the house, why not go for a machine with the smart invert technology motors? 

Drum Technology

Let us now talk about the drum technology mentioned earlier. Today, most machines come with a technology to keep your clothes safe and provide them with a gentle and effective wash. 

So, if you are someone who tends to spend on a lot of delicate fabrics, a machine with a good drum technology could be a good choice on your part. Some machines come with what is known as the Diamond drum. This is nothing but a  soft curl design on the walls that washes effectively and with care. 

This is a feature that ensures that the machine is gentle on your fabrics in the wash process, reducing any chance of damage by about 80 percent.

A lot of machines from Samsung are found to be built with this Diamond drum technology. One among them is the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL . 

Then there are other machines apart from Samsung that come with what is known as the Cresent Moon drum technology. This, is the name suggests, has drums built with grooves on the walls designed to look like the cresent moon. This is mainly to send the water in a gentle swooshing motion, thus preventing any form of contact between the clothes and the surface of the drum. 

For this, you can have a look at the IFB Diva Aqua SX. This machine lets you pop in even the most delicate of fabrics thanks to the Cresent Moon drum. The surface of the drum comes with cresent moon shaped grooves that keep clothes from getting damaged and stuck in the wash process. 

So, that is about the drum. Now that you know what it is, consider how useful this feature would be to you to make a wise choice according to your budget and requirement. 

Tempeature settings

Some machines come with a feature that helps you regulate the temperature. So, if this is important to you, temperature setting is probably a feature you need to look for when buying a washing machine. 

These are machines that mainly come with built-in heaters to control the water temperature during the washing cycle and this also offer you hot water wash option. This could turn out to be very helpful in winter, or if you live in an area that faces a lot of cold climate. Hot water can any day give you cleaner and more hygenic clothes can cold water, also getting rid of all kinds of stains and all crystals of dirt in the process. 


You may have read this disclaimer on a lot of expensive clothes saying, do not iron and wash in cold water. Yes, heat can do a lot of harm to certain clothes, and in most cases, expensive clothes. This is when popping your clothes in a tub of cold water becomes a wise option. 


On the other hand, there are some fibers, that require you to wash them with warm water for washing. Fibres from sweaters, jeans and other man made fibres are the safest when washed under water that is lukewarm. 


Heavily soiled clothes can be a real pain, and one of the best solutions to this, as we all know, is hot water with steam. This is especially important when it comes to clothes for babies, as hot water not only cleans effectively but also gets rid of all germs, bringing out clothes that are sterile. 

Here, one model that you can have a look at is the Midia MWMFL070GBFS.  if you have a baby in the house, this could be a good machine for you as it comes with the Garment Sterilisation feature, because at the end of the day, you can never be to hygenic when it comes to your baby clothes, can you? The wash is slow and gentle at 90 degree centigrade so your baby's clothes come out smelling fresh and germ free. 

Wash program  

Also known as wash settings, this can have a big role to play on days when you choose to do the laundry, so if it is everyday, or if you normally don't like laundry, you better pay attention to this. 

Wash settings are of different kinds and are mainly to help you customize your wash and in the long run, reduce your worry over damaged clothes and other such problems in the wash process. 

Some machines even let you set a few favourite settings so you wouldn't have to go back and press all those buttons all over again at the start of each washing cycle. 

Water softener

Hard water can be really hard on your clothes and thus a big cause for worry during a washing cycle. So, if you live in an area that is not by the coast, this is one feature that you would probably want to check for in your washing machine. A machine with a water softener could make your life much easier. 

Just like any other appliances that need water, water softeners could prevent a lot of harm to what it is used for. In this case, it is your clothes. And it is not just your clothes but more importantly, your machine too. Limescale and other such mineral deposits that are a result of hard water could collect in corners. These could greatly affect the working of your machine and in the long run, the longevity. 

Energy efficiency

Do high monthly bills worry you? Then, perhaps this is one feature that you have to look at when you buy a new machine. This is usually mentioned in watts and can make quite a difference to your leval of satisfaction.

Auto dispensing

This is another feature you find in a lot of machines today. One common problem that many who are new to laundry tend to face is the quantity of detergent to put into the tub. You can't be too careful with detergents (washing soap) 

So, machines with auto dispensers can be a great help here. These can really guide you into setting just the right amount of detergent according to the quantity of water in the tub. So, detergents won't scare you anymore. 

Here, the machine comes with something known as the dispenser. All you have to do is add the detergent into this dispenser. 

IN build heater

So, as we discussed above, hot water can be very useful when it comes to removing some stubborn stains. So, if you have more of this issues to handle in your laundry, some machines come with an inbuilt heater that allows you to wash your clothes in hot water. 

Soaking technology

Some machines come with a soaking technology which is nothing but a pre-soak features that effectively soaks your clothes before the start of the wash cycle. One model that you can have a look at here is the Whirlpool Superb Atom. Now, this machine comes with a technology called Supersoak which is designed to actively soak your clothes for a period of 25 minutes before the wash cycle. 

Another model that you can have a look at is the Whirlpool Ace Supreme Plus. This one too includes the supersoak technology that actively soaks your clothes for a period of 25 minutes to get rid of all tough stains. 

And finally, you have the IFB Diva Aqua SX. This machine comes with a 2D wash system that washes and rinses clothes together, keeping them soaked all through the cycle for effective cleaning. 

Water Efficiency

If you are an environment conscious person, saving water would be one of the first things on your mind when it comes to buying a new machine. This could also be one of the reasons for your second thoughts behind getting  a new machine. But you don't have to worry. Today, you have a lot of machines that are built to be highly energy efficient. 

While it is true that front load models are a good option in machines if you are looking for water efficiency, you also have a few models among top load ones that are built to save a lot of water. 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, today you have a lot of machines that are built to clean efficiently with and with as less water for w. Getting a model like this would be very helpful especially if you are living in an area where water scarcity is a problem. 

One such model that you can have a look at is the Whirlpool Superb Atom. This one comes with the Deep Wash system that helps your clothes move around freely in different directions, thus consuming less water and less energy. 

Another model that you can consider is the IFB Diva Aqua SX. If you are not happy with wastage, this model comes with a ball valve technology that prevents wastage by letting the water out, while the detergent stays in. 

And finally, you have the Bosch WAJ2426SIN This Bosch washing machine is built with an ActiveWater sensor. Now, this is a feature that can detect the load in the tub and can cut the water level by half if need be, so you use the optimum level.

And that is not all. Machines that are built to be water efficient also come with a few added benefits. Let us have a look into them: 

Gentler on Your Clothes - Unlike older, more traditional washing machines, these do not come with the usual vertical axis washers, and so your clothes are spared from the harm often caused by a rough wash. 

Less Detergent - These machines also have the capacity to wash your clothes efficiently but with lesser detergent dosage than other machines would require. So, you save the detergent in your detergent box. 

Energy Saving - And at the end of the day, the amount of water that needs to be heated is also comparitively lesser, so you get to save energy too. So, does this put a smile on your face? 

Spin speed

The spinning speed is one of the most important features that you have to look at if you are someone who lives in an area that gets little to no sunlight. This way, you won't have to put up with the troublesome sight of clothes lining your balcony, and you having to feel them each time. 

Machines come with different spin speeds. This mainly refers to the number of revolutions that it makes per minute. The more the number, the greater the drying capacity. While this can be good, it may not always be so. There are some things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the spin speed of your washing machine. 

1. The Kind of Clothes You Have  - Now, while a high spin speed of 1000 RPM would dry your clothes faster, they would be suitable for clothes like jeans and perhaps even thick blankets that usually take long to dry. Shawls and other delicate clothes on the other hand, can get damaged in a tub with a high spin speed. So, if these are normally the kind of clothes that are going to go into the tub, you would probably want to go for a washing machine with a spin speed of over 300 to 400 RPM. 

For a good spin speed, one model that you can have a look at is the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL. This one comes with a spin speed of 680 RPM and an Air Turbo feature that gets your clothes dried much faster, reducing their time on the clothes line. 

So, if you are not convinced about getting a washing machine with a high spin speed, you can have a look at the Onida 5 Star Fully Automatic machine. This top load washing machine comes with an air drying feature that is perfect for regions with heavy monsoons and areas with little sunlight. 


This goes without saying. The name on the face is one of the first things you are going to see when it comes to buying a new washing machine. No one would want to settle for a washing machine from a brand they neither know nor trust. 

However, getting good durable machines is not all about getting your hands on one from the most reputed brand. The brand that you need to look at could depend on various factors, having to do with the kind of features that you look for in conventional washing machines. 


And then, there is of course the price factor. We all want to buy products at a reasonable price without hurting our wallet too much. A washing machine can have all the right features to make your morning chores feel like paradise, but if you find that the model is way out of your budget, this should be no reason to lose heart. 

All it takes is a little bit of research and you would soon find a model that is just as good with the exception of a few extra features that you wouldn't probably need. Thanks to the internet and a number of models from a number of brands out there, today, you can easily find a washing machine that fits your budget and your requirements too. 


While you have taken a good look at everything and finally found a washing machine that fits your budget too, you wouldn't want to make the mistake of overlooking this important feature.

A washing machine is a huge investment and one that gives you a lot of pain can be a real pain. So, if you have a good warranty, you can confidently go ahead with the purchase of your washing  machine and if not, you should either be ready for the problems you could face, or you could be wise and take your time. You will definitely come across a model with equally good features and a warranty too. 

Type of washing machine

As you would already know by know, there are two types of washing machines: top load and front load. Now, top load, as the name suggests and as you have probably seen by now, are those that let you load clothes from the top. The vertical drum keeps the clothes spinning in a horizontal and circular motion.

On the other hand, there is the front load washing machine that again, as the name tells you, has a door that can be opened from the front. The round transparent window lets you see the state of the clothes inside. And the clothes move in a vertical and circular motion. 

And is that all? Not at all. Here are a few more things that differentiate a top load washing machine from a front load one. 

The Number of Wash Programs - Top load washing machines come with fewer wash programs. While this can make it easy to use and also contribute to making it more economical, they may not give you the kind of advanced features that you look for in your washing machine.

So, if this is what you want, a front load washing machine is what you can go for. Here, you can enjoy all the right features when it comes to soaking, the temperature of the water, when to start and stop and so on. In fact, you have front load machines that come with as many as thirty wash programs and even convenient features that can include a child lock feature. 

Budget - Well, this one shoud be obvious but just in case. For all those looking for a budget price washing machine, a top loading one would any day be a good choice. Front load washing machines, on the other hand, can be highly expensive in price, so unless you really need a washing machine with a lot of advanced features, this shouldn't be the kind you are searching from. 

Front load

A front load machine gives you a better wash quality and this is the reason that makes it the choice of those in the West. 

Front load machines use comparitively less water, unlike their other counterpart. So, this could make them an ideal choice for those living in areas with less water. 

Top load

One of the main reasons that top load machines are a popular choice in India is the fact that they are consumer friendly. Here, we love anything that is easy to use. 

Top load washing machine are less tiring. You are spared from all that squatting and bending that you have to do with a front load washing machine. This makes it a convenient choice if you tend to have back problems or if you are simply lazy and hate that physical exercise. 

Automatic machine

The best part of the fully automatic washing machine is that once the clothes are in, the machine does most of the job and you won't keep getting your hand on the machine. You don't need to come back many times to pour some more water, rinse the clothes or shift them into another tub to start the process of drying. 

Let us now look at a few other benefits that you get to enjoy with a fully automatic at home. 

You save time - But this was obvious. The lesser manual work involved always means that you can get your work done much faster with a fully automatic machine than a semi autonmatic one. 

More features - Another good thing here is that a fully automatic washing machine gives you more features, so not only are you spared from all that manual work involved in a semi-automatic washing machine but also get to enjoy a smoother laundry process with a good quality washing machine that leaves you spoilt. 

Semi automatic machine

The best way to differentiate between an automatic and a semi-automatic washing machine is the appearance itself. A semi-automatic washing machine, unlike a fully-automatic washing machine, comes with two tubs. There is a tub for washing and a seperate one beside it for drying. 

So, this, as the name suggests, means you will have to manually load clothes into the second tub if you would like to get them dried. This makes it obvious that this second type of washing machine is going to require some more manual effort on your part. 

However, if budget price is something that is on your mind, a semi-automatic washing machine is what you can go for, as this is comparitively inexpensive than the fully automatic washing machine that can cost you twice as much. 

That being said, let us have a brief look at a few other benefits you can enjoy with a semi automatic washing machine at home. 

You save water - A semi automatic washing machine lets you decide how much water to pour so there is no chance of excess water causing a wastage. 

Energy efficient - Here you do not have to go through the entire wash cycle if you think you don't have to. A semi-automatic can easily be stopped in the middle of a wash cycle. 


So, now you want a washing machine that you can carry with you on your next adventure trip or holiday at the resort, is it? Yes, that load of dirty clothes can indeed spoil your mood when all you intend to do is escape and have a good time. 

But the good news is that it is the age of 2021, where the advancement in technology can make a lot of dreams a reality. So, if this was something you dreamt of buying, there is a possibility of one such model coming into your home. 

Brands like Onida have a few models that you can check out. Portable washing machines are of different types and can range from capacities as little as 3 kgs to 6 kgs for an entire family's washing needs. Then there is the size and the design that you have to think about. The interesting part of portable machines is that some of them can come in really fancy designs unlike the box shape of ordinary machines. 

And if you search, you can also arrive at models that include a few useful features that could make you smile. There are quality machines that come with spinners, machines that include a single tub to wash and spin and so on. There are machines that can be manually controlled as well as electric ones that can greatly reduce your work. 

While none among these are included in our list of 13 best machines here, if you are patient and you research, you are sure to come across just the right portable washing machine to suit all your travel and laundry needs and price. 

However, we thought it would be good to let you know that while portable washing machines are convenient and can be carried around effortlessly, they can come with drawbacks of their own. 

For one, don't expect them to give you all the benefits that come with an ordinary washing machine. Portable machines need frequent cleaning so we won't say they are easy to handle and maintain. You may have to clean them many times.

At the end of the day, we would say that if you are a paying guest used to shifing hostels and other accommodations or someone who makes a life out of traveling, then a portable washing machine would be a wise choice and will go a long way in making life easier for you. 

FAQ about the best washing machine

Which is better? Front load or Top Load Washing Machine?

Now, you may have already gotten an answer to this on reading the above buying guide. If it's an economical price you want, go for a top loading washing machine, and if its effective washing, then go for a front loading one. If you want something that is easy to use, go for a top loading washing machine and if you want a modern washing machine with a lot of advanced features, go for a front loading one. 
However, this is not to put them in plain black and white terms. At the end of the day, if you are looking for an economical washing machine that also washes effectively, there are a lot of top loading machines that come with a few advanced features and are built to wash effectively. 
One such washing machine that you can have a look at here is the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL.  This is a top loading model that includes a lot of advanced features, making your laundry more pleasant and smooth. The washing machine also cleans clothes effectively, thanks to the feature called Magic Filter.
Another model that you can have a look at here is the Whirlpool Ace Supreme Plus. Now, this washing machine includes some of the most advanced features like effective lint removers, a technology for active soaking and even an inbuilt scrubber for complete clean clothes. What's more, this machine even comes with a multi-utility tray that makes sorting clothes after a wash cycle comfortable and pleasant even if you have to do it many times. 
And finally, you can have a look at the LGP6510NBAYThis washing machine has a rat repellent chemical on a 3mm strong plastic cover that keeps these rodents and insects away from your appliance. The lint collector found in this washing machine reduced your work of removing lint. The collar scrubber in this machine is another feature that makes it a convenient choice for you.
And if you want a washing machine that washes effectively and is at the same time, easy on your pocket, you can also find a few front loading models that come at favourable prices. So, take your time and ensure that you do a thorough research before deciding on  a washing machine that you think would be good for you. 

How many kg washing machine should i buy for my family of 6 members?

For a family of six members, a washing machine with a capacity of 7 kgs would be an ideal choice. This way, you will be spared from having to load the washing machine too many times and go through repeated wash cycles many times a day. So you save, time, energy and with lesser electricity consumption, your money too. 

Which is the best washing machine brand in India?

This would be like asking a child what is the best chocolate. While those who love wafer will say Perk, those who love fruit and nut will say Dairy Milk and those who love dark chocolate will say Bournville. So, the best brand depends on what your requirements are from your washing machine and the kind of model that they could have out there to please you.

It is true that the name of the brand is one aspect that you should not ignore when it comes to buying a washing machine.

Is smart inverter technology better?

The smart inverter motor technology of course has a lot of advantages that could prove to be very convenient to you when you use your washing machine, but again this depends on your needs and requirements.

Why are front loading machines more expensive?

It's frustrating right? We would jump to buy one if only we could afford one. They wash so effectively, are gentle on all clothes and even come with a lot of features apart from saving water and preventing wastage. So, they are in a way clothe friendly, user friendly and environment friendly too. You see, all good things come with a price. 

Can I install the washing machine in the bathroom?

One of the first questions that come to mind the moment you get a washing machine delivered to your home is where to get it installed. And while the bathroom is one of the first areas that your eyes would fall on the first time, it would be wiser to make a careful consideration at the time of installation so you won't have the trouble of having to shift to a more convenient spot later. 
Now, the washing machine in the bathroom would be a sensible and more convenient option. But if you have a small bathroom that does not give you room enough to place your own feet, then remember that the bathroom is not the only choice you have. Anywhere close to the bathroom would be fine. 
Those who have the luxury of a laundry room, go ahead and make the most of it. But if you have a small house, you can still make your washing machine more of a blessing than a pain, if you are creative or if you care to do a bit reading up from the number of blogs on the internet that give you ideas on where and how to install your washing machine. 

Can I put liquid detergents and fabric softener together in the washing machine?

Not a good idea. Not to turn you down but a piece of advice to help you. Fabric softener and any detergent (liquid or not) dont go well together. The chemical make up in these two, when combined together, reduces the effect and hence you won't get to enjoy the benefits of either. 
While fabric softeners make your clothes soft and bring them out from the tub smelling fresh, this mainly depends on the way you use it. Fabric softeners in the wash cycle may not be a very good idea, as the effect would be lost in the process of washing.So, the best method to use a fabric softener for the right effects is to get it added to your laundry in the rinse cycle. 

How many times in a day can I use my washing machine?

It's your washing machine, bought with your hard earned money. You have the libery to use it as and when you like. However, to give you a guideline, we would recommend that you give your machine periodic breaks if you are going to be using it throughout the day. At least half an hour after each cycle would  be a safe bet and would prevent your machine from any unwanted harm.

Should I buy a top-loading machine with an agitator or without one?

This is a common question among those who finally decide that they would want to buy a top loading washing machine. Should I get one that comes with an agitator or not. 
To those of you who are wondering what this is about, an agitator is a large spindle that you normally find in some models of top loading washing machines. This comes with blades or fins that run in a spiralling motion to press down the dirty laundry and remove even the smallest crystals of dirt. You could either say that this provides for effective washing or you could say that it makes for real rough washing. 
Okay, so let us put it this way. Do you have a lot of delicate clothes to wash? In that case, we suggest that an agitator may not be all that necessary as there are chances that they could do you more harm than good. 
On the other other hand, if you have a lot of clothes that need effective cleaning,  (clothes that are not delicate) then it would  be okay to think of a washing machine with an agitator. 
The thing about an agitator is that while it can make up for the lack of scrubber in a washing machine, the rough action involved in this process of effective clean can in time degrade your clothes and cause the quality to wear out. 
So, think of this way, if you are comfortable about letting your clothes go under a scrubber, go ahead and buy a washing machine with an agitator, and if you are not, then we request you to do otherwise. 
Another advantage of machines that come without an agitator in the washer is that they make more room for your clothes, so you can load more in a single cycle. However, you need to remember that your clothes won't get a wash as effective as a machine with an agitator. So, the choice lies with you. 
However, one solution and good alternative that you could consider if you are unable to make a decision is the washing machine with an impeller. Today, a lot of machines come with impellers as washers. However, the catch here is that you need to load your clothes in a specific way else the wash becomes ineffective. Machines with impellers are also environment friendly as they use less water, energy and detergent in the process of wash cycle. So, if you have delicate clothes but would want nothing than an effective wash, these machines could be the choice for you. 

Are top load machines more gentle on fabrics than front loaders?

Well, we just saw this in the form of the answer to the above, but to reinforce, lets briefly address this. First of all, it's the contrary. While the vertical movement of a front load washing machine would have led you to belive that it could cause a tangled mess to ruin your clothes, this is not so. Front load machines tend to be more gentle on your clothes than top loading ones that send your clothes moving about in comparitively large volumes of water. 
And, as you have already seen above, some top loading machines could even come with features such as agitators that could make you think twice before popping all that delicate party wear into the washing drum. 
However, like we said above, if you have a lot of delicate clothes in your wardrobe and are still not convinced about getting a front load washing machine for reasons of your own, then, today you have a lot of top load washing machines designed with impellers as washers that you can think of buying. 

Semi-automatic or full-automatic – which one should I buy?

Okay, now this too, we have alreadty discused at length in the course of this article, but if you want to more direct answer then let us have a brief look at your concerns here. 
Well, the first thing you need to do is consider the pros and cons of both in order to make a wise decision. So, as both the names suggest, a fully automatic washing machine does everything for you right from washing to rinsing and drying while a semi-automatic washing machine will require you juggle between the chicken on the stove and draining the water, getting the clothes into the spinning tub and so on. So, here, fully automatic washing machines get a point. 
Now, let's look at the price. As a semi-automatic machine gives you fewer benefits, it is obviously much cheaper than a full automatic one. So, if budget is on your mind, semi-automatic washing machines get a point. 
And finally, we can say that an automatic washing machine comes with more features, gives you a more effective wash and most often lets you customize your wash. So, at the end of the day we can just say that, if you can afford a fully automatic washing machine, you should go ahead and buy one, unless you are of the belief that it could spoil you in the long run. 
And if you can't afford a fully automatic washing machine, suffice to know that a semi-automatic machine can be as good as a fully automatic washing machine minus a few benefits. And at the end of the day, anything is better than bending over a stone or a tub of clothes soaked in water, right? 

How much detergent should I use for each load?

Well, as we saw above, if you are having problems with guessing the amount of detergent that the clothes in the bucket would need, then a washing machine with an auto dispenser could be a good solution, making your life way easier. 
But, if you are not in favor of buying one for reasons of your own, here is a brief guide that we hope to help you with. 
If you are using detergent powder, which is most often the case, then the right amount is just a tablespoon, yes, with a single load. So, are you also among those who have been pouring scoops with the spoon that comes with your washing powder? Well then, now you know how to do it right!
However, with this, you also need to remember not to overload your laundry with too many clothes, if you want the detergent to work with the right effect. 


Okay, now that you have all the information you need about buying a washing machine, you can get set to do your research till you finally arrive at the washing machine meant for you.

Here we give you thirteen of the best washing machines that we think would suit you. You can go ahead and make comparisons, have a through look and even check out other models from the same brand till you find the one that meets your needs. 

Because at the end of the day, a washing machine is not just a huge investment but one that will go a long way in determining your mood in the morning, whether you are a housewife juggling chores or a working woman trying to get the morning laundry done and prepare for work all the same. 

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